Placement Papers: Daimler Placement Paper

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Hello friends

The famous Daimler Chrysler (The Mercedes Benz) company came to Ramaiah institute of technology of campus interview. The company is located in infantry road.

The interview was held on 6th December 2004.

There were 3 rounds

General aptitude

Technical interview

HR round

Explanation about rounds

  1. General aptitude It was of 45 minutes duration and 40 questions were given. Only 2 or 3 questions came from R S Aggrawal. Most of them were arrangements type or some conditions were given then based on that condition questions were asked. The fly flying from one train to other train which are moving in opposite direction was one of the question which is there in shakuntala deviOne question came on ages and find next number in series. Negative marking was there.

  2. Technical interview They took maximum mechanical students and importance was given for CAD CAM For software engg they asked about java.

  3. HR Round

It will be conducted in company with directors of the company

They short-listed 31 students from 82 and after technical interview they short listed 8 students for the HR round on 17th December