Placement Papers: DELL Pattern 10 July 2006

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I am Anand attended Dell on 10th July 2006 for Techincal Support. I lost in 3rd round i.e.Voice Asscent round. I would like to share my experience and pattern about dell.

  1. Personal Introduction and Topic round: This is easy round and they ask u to say about urself and then ask to speak on topic for minimum of 1 min and topic which i have choosen is “Importance of Team Work”

  2. Hr Round

    1. Tell me about urself?

    2. What do u know about Dell?

    3. Why do u want to join Dell?

    4. R u ready to sign a bound?

    5. Tell ur strenghts and weakness?

    6. what is meant by BPO?

  3. Voice Accent Round In the voice asscent round u need to speak on phone with the trainee of Dell. He will generally ask u to introduce urself and then ask u to speak about any topic and again he will give u one topic and u need to speak about it. At last he will ask Sentence completion like

    1. if it rains____

    2. in summer____

    3. if i cooks____

    4. if i don, t cook____

    5. i love____

    6. no one____

    7. etc