Placement Papers: Digital Global Soft IIT Guwahati

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Examrace Placement Series prepares you for the toughest placement exams to top companies.

4 Sections. Of 30 questions each. Time 90 Minutes.

I section: 30 Question Mathematical

Very Easy ones. I think no need to mention anything

II Section 30 Analytical reasoning

One question

Five City Names Given





And then to find code for one Letter in every city name.

Ans: Take Two city at a time. Who have the asked Letter in their name

And then you will get the answer by seeing the common answer choice.

Select odd man out?

248 326 428 396

Ans. 396

CAT type reasoning.

Section III


Sentence completion. Correction. Etc. All Infy type. Or GRE type.

One word?

SQUANDER was there?

Rest were easy.

Section 4: General knowledge

Who invented TV. Baird

Chadwick found what? I think Neutron

Dr. Khurana did? Genetic code?

  1. Vishwa mohan bhatt Harishankar chaurasia. Zakir hussain. Amjad ali khan.

Grammy award winner is who?

Package Offered? 1.8 Lakh Annually.

No technical base required from freshers.


Here Interviews are tomorrow?