Placement Papers: EDS Paper on 10th Dec 2007

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Hi I'm Dinesh doing BTech “IT” in Rajalakshmi Engg College. I got recruited in EDS company this month i.e.DEC 10th. EDS is good company. It will be enjoying to work there.

Recruitment Process


Tech Interview and

HR Interview

Apps Pattern: Four Sections:

Its easy when u put the apps without any tension.

  • Analytical ability (2 Reading Comprhension)
  • verbal Ability (Data Suficency and easy reasoning)
  • Numerical Ability (Mainly profit loss and time, work) its too easy.
  • OS concepts and Network concepts (Basic only)

Tech Interview

Guys keep one thing in mind … Whenever they ask for area of interset just say DBMS or database. Bcoz its easy subject when u learn queries… I said database only. They asked basics. If u say C or C + + sometim they'll say to write pgms.

HR Interview

I'm the last person in the panel/at ten o clock was my HR int becoz time factor… They sent me and another guy for HR… I hav selected bcoz abt the company (when it was established and founder and other guy didnt say anything. So whenever u go to recruitment know 2 lines abt the company). Then I hav selected for tech and said the database concepts and queries it was too easy for me. They also asked my elective… They said i hav selected but at 11 pm our presentation started…

note one thing friend the package was good and at end of the yr u will get incentives of 50000. This is for every candidates…--I hav attended 15 companies but i got thru in EDS last, Never be upset when u didnt get thru … Just read one technical sub well “Database” is easy in my point of view…