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How To Get EDS? Cool Cracking!

Hi Friends.

I gave a written test to EDS (Electronic Data Systems India Pvt Ltd) at cathedral road Chennai on 16 − 12 − 2006. This Company is too good____i will tell u the Selection procedue. i am happy to inform u that i got selected in EDS…………

Before that noone would have heared bout EDS. Let me tell u it is one of the Giants in IT industry with more than 1, 30, 000 employees.

No of Candidates written the test: 700

Shortlisted (written): 75

Final selection: 24

The Selection procedure consists of:

  1. Apps

  2. GD

  3. Tech + hr (Note for some candidates they will split this round).


Totally 45 questions and time will be 30 min's

It is somewat ok. If u don prepare because questions were like find how many 2's are present bet 1…1000 like:

Also apps + reasoning questions combined.

Refer Barron's it will be helpful____

Second GD: (the main elimination round)

They will drill ur communication____ don talk too much at the same time don be silent… Put up valuable points … Be careful… Ur english shud be short and sweet…… Don make grammatical errors… Don stammer……

Tech + hr:

once if u clear the bove levels… Its easy to get through but depending upon ur academics you will be asked tech questions____ Brush up with basics and talk boldly u will get through for sure…

Me: Excuse me, May I come in

Inter: Yes, Come

Me: I was standing and waiting for his permission to sit

Interviewer: Plz be seated

Me: Thank you

Int: So, tell me bout yourself and wat do u think, which is unique in you

Me: Answered

Int: Can we go for tech question

Me: Yes sir

Int: Tell me ur fav language

Me: Java

Int: Oh, good! why do u like java?

Me: Powerful language

Int: How?

Me: Answered

Int: What is jvm

Me: Answered

Int: Wat do u mean by wrapper class

Me: Answered

Int: About project

Me: Told

Int: Some basic programming questions

Me: Written

Int: Wat do u mean by log file

Me: Don know

Int: Diff b/w procedure oriented and OO

Me: Ans

Int: Some OS questions

Me: Ans

Int: Basic programs in java

Me: Written

Int: Some more HR questions, about my college

Me: Told

Int: U have any questions

Me: Asked

Int: Tat's all. We wil get back to u.

At last they announced the results and am happy that I got selected.

All the best! god bless u

Refer: GRE Barrons 7 th edition plus 13th Edition

AGGARWAL: Non Verbal Reasoning

TOEFL Books for Synonyms!