Placement Papers: Efunds Technical Questions

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25Q; ________ > 15 min.

  1. -what is link or c?
  2. -which company invented transistor for (options) MITS, BELL, XEROX, IBM.
  3. -what is the value returen by printf on error always. Ans; -ve
  4. -Nortel is associted which?
  5. -cylomatic complesilty________ans; white, box, testing
  6. -water fall model; ans; a
  7. -alpha and beta________testing
  8. -c________prog; ans; b
  9. -default part of UDP.
  10. -how to acess remote login? ans; Telnet
  11. -two question besed on RAM (it՚s composetion) .
  12. -what is the thing used in laptop but not in persanal computer. Aphtoin; paraelel, USB, IEEE, 102.3
  13. -which I. P adderss in invealide (142; 7; 192; 11) . this is not the ans but the patteren
  14. -aouble to float conversin; what is called; ans; casting
  15. -what is truncation?
  16. -what is not true regarding AVL frees.

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