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  1. Public sector is more a hindrance than help to promote socialism.

  2. Economic betterment of the poorer nations is as important as disarmament to ensure lasting world peace.

  3. From public sector to privatization as in the U. K. is the right answer for India's instant economic breakthrough.

  4. The doctrine of limited nuclear war is an ill-convinced, ill-logical, irrational and extremely dangerous concept.

  5. Some simple but effective electoral reforms will enable us to retain the present parliamentary system and ensure the preservation of democracy in India.

  6. We must have only two national parties to contest parliamentary elections and regional parties should not be allowed to contest for the same.

  7. We can increase our food production not only to match our population explosion but also for export provided we adopt modern, mechanized farming methods with large size land holdings.

  8. Nuclear war cannot be won and should not be fought.

  9. Private enterprise and not public sector will contribute to faster and higher economic growth in India.

  10. Inflation is inevitable in our developing country.

  11. The policy of reservation is a legacy of the British and it has done more harm than good.

  12. Do you think MBAs are useful in the manufacturing/production department?

  13. For a marketing post graduate, without prior work experience working in a big marketing firm is a disadvantage when compared with working in a small firm. Discuss.

  14. Consumerism is destroying the social fabric of Indian culture.

  15. Free market is a prerequisite for growth.

  16. Cricket as a national obsession is a detriment to other sports.

  17. To develop India has to empower women.

  18. Formulate the government's health policy to control the spread of AIDS.

  19. Advertising is a waste of resources.

  20. Privatization will lead to less corruption.

  21. State is the biggest violator of human rights.

  22. There can never be a classless society.

  23. Beauty pageants are a marketing gimmick.

  24. Voting rights to illiterates in India is illogical because it is widely misused.

  25. Joint family is a blessing in disguise.

  26. Higher education should be made possible only for those who can pay for it.

  27. The weaker sex is the weakness of the stronger sex.

  28. Women cannot successfully combine both career and home.

  29. Women are good managers.

  30. Executive should be allowed to form unions.

  31. Effect of liberalization on poverty.

  32. Indians perform better as individuals rather than in groups.

  33. Business and ethics go hand in hand, or do they?

  34. Developing countries should spend more on development than on defense.

  35. Political parties have outlived their utility.

  36. Is Swadeshi relevant for India today?

  37. Money is required to earn more money.

  38. Foreign trade is necessary for any country to survive.

  39. Presidential Vs Parliamentary form of government of India.

  40. Technology: The IsM'Of The New Millennium?

  41. Religion And Politics Should Not Mix

  42. TRIPS Controversy And The Patent Act Amendment

  43. Export Stagnation: Causes And Cures

  44. Excessive Depiction Of Sex And Violence In Films

  45. Classical Music Heritage And The Growing Pop-Culture

  46. Decentralisation & The Panchayati Raj Institutions

  47. Should India Sign The CTBT

  48. State Interventions In Market Kind Or Mixed Economy

  49. Science Is A Boon Or Bane

  50. Is Swapping Terrorists For Hostages An Encouragement For Plane-Hijackers?

  51. India and the political dynasties: The Nehru Family context

  52. Nice Guys Finish Last

  53. All Work And No Play Makes Jack A Dull Boy

  54. Individual Freedom And Civil Society

  55. Conventionalism And Modernity: The Ever going Debate

  56. Should There Be A Restriction On Permissiveness Being propagated by The MTV Culture And Foreign Media?

  57. Marxism And Its Future All Over The World

  58. The Growing Menace Of Casteism And Regionalism

  59. Presidential Form Of Government Is Needed In India

  60. Bullet For Bullet: Is It The Right Policy?

  61. Capitation Fees Should Be Abolished

  62. Arranged Marriages Are Better Than The Love-Marriages

  63. Brain-Drain Has To Be Stopped

  64. Business And Ethics Can't/Don't Go Together

  65. Are women As good as Men Or Inferior?

  66. Nothing Succeeds Like Success

  67. The Malthusian Economic Prophecy Is No Longer Relevant

  68. Secessionism In The North-East: Who's To Blame?

  69. Should India Break Diplomatic Ties With Pakistan?

  70. Age and Youth: Experience And Young Talent

  71. East Is East & West Is Where All The Action IS'Mark Twain

  72. Freedom Of Expression And The State Authority.

  73. Capital Punishment Should Be Abolished

  74. Tuitions Should Be Banned

  75. India Needs Gujral Doctrine For Better International Relations

  76. Doctors'Accountability To Improve Health-Care

  77. Universal Disarmament Is A Must

  78. Indian Cricket Team Shouldn't Be Allowed To Play Abroad