Epson Java Questions: Bently Nevada India Pvt Ltd Held on 3rd July 2004

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Given matrix A and I (identity matrix). Find matrix B where AB = I.

y = log (sinx), find dy/dx.

B is 8 Km East to A, C is 6 Km north to B, D is 16 Km east to C and E is 12 Km north of D, Find distance between A and E.

A train is moving with the velocity of x Km per hr. It crosses a station of length y Km in

z meter per second. Find the length of the train (here x, y and z are given).

The ratio of length of a rod and its shadow is 1/sqrt (3). Find the angle of elevation.

Find LCM 120 and 60.

4 (144) 8, 3 (x) 7 find x.

For the given fig, find the angle x. All angles are in degree.

limit x → Y [ (x + 6)/(x − 1) ][ (x + 6)/(x − 1) ]

There are 20 such questions. Questions are very easy.

Section-2 consists of some questions from microprocessor, digital electronics, one question on turing machine (the question was very long) and some questions on C (some what tricky-but solvable if enough time is left)

Some questions which I remember are-

Find sqrt of 113 upto 3 decimal places.

20 bit address bus can address how much memory

find 2's complement of 111001001

  1. 10 to (x) 7

Conver 100011 in decimal

To represent A to Z and 0 to 9 how many bits are required. Assuming all the characters requires equal bits.

210 = Kilo byte


Find B and op, where op is a logical operator and X = don't care

To add 16 bits numbers how many full adders and half adders are required.

A full adder has how many input lines.

Find Y

#define count (x) sizeof (x)/sizeof (x[0])

what count (x) does?

X = 24, Y = 16

X^ = Y

Y^ = X

X^ = X

Y^ = X

Find value of X and Y (the exact question may be some what different)

#define inum 53268

While (.) { inum = inum & (inum-1); … }

Write a program which will accept only 0' to 9' + ‘’ #' characters as inputs.

In a circuit of gates all gates are controlled by a single

How many inputs are there in a NOT gate