Epson Java Questions: EJB

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  1. What is true about ‘Primary Key class’ in Entity Beans?

  2. The Home Interface in Entity beans

  3. In CMP of Entity beans

  4. What is the purpose of ejbLoad ()

  5. What is the purpose of ejbStore ()

  6. In EJB, when a system error occurs, which exception is thrown?

  7. In EJB, which of the following is an application level Exception?

  8. CMP bean provides

JSP and Mislleneous

  1. What is the purpose of XSL

  2. resultSet has the following methods

  3. In WebLogic clusters, what is the load balancing algorithm? WebLogic uses a Round-Robin strategy as default algorithm for forwarding the HTTP requests inside a cluster. Weight-based and random algorithms are also available.

  4. How many Queues does a MDB listen to? An MDB can be associated with only one Queue or Topic

  5. Where is the Deployment Descriptor placed?

  6. To denote distributed applications, What is the tag used in Deployment Descriptor?

  7. Can a JSP be converted to SERVLET and the vice versa always?

  8. Empty JSP Tag definitions are given in Deployment Descriptor. Then which of the following syntaxes are correct (I don't remember the options)?