Epson Java Questions: Verizon Data Paper Held in CuSat 21 May 2004

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Examrace Placement Series prepares you for the toughest placement exams to top companies.

The test consist 4 section for each section there will be specific time limit n after time limit question paper collected by the invigilator

first section (25 question time 15 min.)

this section is dam easy. Anyone solve it before the time it consist 2 type of question firstone is fill in the blanks (mostly abt the article, verb n noun) go through any grammar book

second one is abt the passage (2 passage)

simle passage. Many pepole do it without reading the passage because the passage is based on DBMS n JAVA I also do it without reading

second section (like bank apptitude 20 min.)

this section is also dam easy it consist questin like bank apptitude test mainly question based upon matching for this section u no need prepration

third section (quantitaive apptitude n logical reasoning min 35)

this section consist 25 question simple airthmetic question. n logical reasoning logic like banking paper coding, manipulation, arithmetic etc

  1. how many cubes in the secomd layer fron the top do not have any

one question abt cube n dice (quite tough) that is given below one hundred and twenty five small cube of equal size are arranged in a solid pile of dimension 5 * 5 * 5. Then from one corner one cube is removed from the top. From the opposite corner 8 cubes (2 * 2 * 2) r removed from the third corner a column of three cubes and from the fourth corner a column of 4 cubes r removed the remaining solid r coloured red on all the exposed faces…

coloured face

ans: 6

2: How many cubes in the third layer have at least two coloured faces each

ans: 8

3: How many cubes in the fourth layer from the top have only one colour face each.

ans: 10

4: How many cubes in the bottom layer have at least one coloured face each

ans: 16

5: How many cubes in the top four layers taken together have only one coloured

face each

ans: 29

6: How many cubes donot have any colour face

ans: 32

7: How many cubes have three colour faces each

ans: 12

8: How many cubes have only two colour faces each?

ans: 24

9: How many cubes have only one colour faces each?

ans: 41

10: How many cubes are there in the top layer?

ans: 18

but remaining question were easy

fourth section (technical) 15 question 20 min

abt 25 question (tough one)

based on c programs

BFS, DFS, Pointer concet, Linklist, Queue, stack etc

there is no negative marks for the wrong question …

so attempt as much as possible n guess the left question

i qualified for the interview i. Attempt 75% correctly my rank is 11 here

that person who toped here attemt around 75 − 80 % paper

for written test

try to get more marks bcas they select merit basis

not cut off basis

prepare only technical section


only one interview. Technical as well as HR ____

Panel consist only two person one tech and other r HR

Prepare well for HR ____prepare all the question and counter

question before the interview ____