Placement Papers: Essar Paper at Vijayawada

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Examrace Placement Series prepares you for the toughest placement exams to top companies.

Hints: For Aptitude minimum preparation is sufficient, as time is less only go for selected Qs in those books. Since cut-off is only 9 its easy to complete written test, but care must be taken not to spend on only one group (i.e., either reasoning or arithmatic or english). Just attempt all the Qs as there is no negative marking, such that you may be easyly qualified for aptitude test.

For technical:

As I mentioned go through that book especially-Initial theory for each chapter before going to multiple choices in that book, practice all multiple Qs in that book as max of Qs are given from that directly. Some of the subjects you must concentrate on Production and Manufacturing, Metallurgy and Material Sciences, Thermal, Design, Hydraulics. As cutoff is 23 Take care of this section, maximum disqualified from this section itself, but if u go through that its very very easy.

GD Topics:

My topic is “” RELATION BETWEEN MAFIA LEADERS AND POLITICAL LEADERS AND HOW IT EFFECT THE ECONOMICAL GROWTH OF OUR COUNTRY “” Topics are quitely different from software interviews. This is toughest topic they given on that day. Just speakout 2 or 3 times fluently its enough. They wil not give much importance to this stage.

Now the results are based on your performance in written test and your %marks (its important) not GD. Mostly 75% above wil be selected (120 members are short listed for next process).

The interview.

Hints: Dress code must be maintained for interview process, be confident while answering Qs even they are wrong, keep a pleasent smile in your face, max 15 min they will interview, also know something about company that will be added advantage.

  1. what is the gauge pressure inside the room? ans: Zero

  2. bernoulis equation?

  3. what happens if refrigerator door opens?

  4. differentiate between annealing and normalising?

  5. counter sinking and counter boring? just like____