Essar Java Questions: Effigent India Pattern 12 Nov 2005 Secunderabad

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I dont have any previous question papers of Effigent India Pvt Ltd but

I know the pattern of the Test as my friend is working over there. The work Job profile Cocoa Trainee which should be worked on Mac OS.

The test is conducted at Effigent India Pvt Ltd campus itself which is located at SP Road in Secunderabad on 12th Nov.

Note: The Candidates have already been short listed and its not direct walk-in. There will not any negative marks for wrong Answers.

The test comprise of:

Aptitude: Number series, alphabet series, reference to the context percentage, profit loss, dist, time and speed.

c/c + +: Fibonacci series, link list, stack

Java: String, string buffer, clone, static class, inner class, deadlock, threads