Evalueserve Database Questions: PCSPatni Database Questions

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A package without body is possible (T/F). ans: T

Subprograms have equal scope as variables (T/F).

Can a cursor be closed for two times (T/F) ans: F

Transaction function can be used in trigger (T/F) ans: F

DDL can be used in trigger (T/F) ans: T

A trigger name can have the same name as that of its base table name (T/F) ans: T

In a PL/SQL block a variable and a table name both are same then which will get highest precedence.

Is PL/SQL reserved words can be used in SQL Ans: It can be used with quotation.

How to write a single quote in SQL

Can a labeled go to statement goto the inner loop (T/F) ans: F

Which are the mandatory parts of PL/SQL procedure.

SQL%ISOPEN for implicit cursor is always evaluateto false (T/F) ans: T

Any variable not declared in the declare part assigns value ____

For cursor %NOTFOUND and for PL/SQL

NO_DATA_FOUND (exception) gives the same result (T/F). ans: T

If exception occured in the exception then it will

PMON command is used for__________

Select * from emp where emp_no = 1.

If exist then dbms_output_putline ( “____” )

else dbms_output_putline ( “error” )

end if.

what will be the output choices are there

If for Update lock is absent then will there any error in the

following statement

select * from emp.

choices are there. Ans is there will no error

Can a inbuilt exception be redifined by a user (T/F) ans: F

var table. Value%type.

var = 5.

insert into table (value) values (var).

for var in reverse 4. 6


insert into table (value) values (var).

end loop.

insert into table (value) values (var).

can a function overloaded differed by

Raise_application_error is used for____

In SQL SGA area the parser tree and exceptions are stored which

are used for multiple applications (T/F) ans: F

PRAGMA_EXCEPTION_INIT (mssge, code no) ____

exceptions are executed at

When a subprocedure will be declared within a procedure?

Record1 and record2 are declared. Each record has two fields with same datatypes.

Which is correct?

Trigger syntax declaration without the option for each row is

legal (T/F) ans: T

Tablespace contains physical data (T/F) ans: T

Rowid is a pseudo column of every oracle table (T/F)

Lpad and Rpad have default pad character is space (T/F)

When %ROWCOUNT is 0 what will happen