FCG English Questions 2018- (Paper 4 of 11)

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You can refer to Barron's most frequently used words list for a close recap.

Vocabulary Section: (Time: 28 mins)


  1. Moribund: Declining, dilapidated, waning

  2. Repudiate: Reject, disclaim, renounce, deny

  3. Translucent: Transparent, semi-transparent, lucid, lucent, clear, see through

  4. Mitigate-alleviates, lessen, ease, alley, tune down, dull, Assuage

  5. Inundate: Flood, overwhelm, swamp

  6. Bilk: Deceive, trick, swindle, con

  7. Nettle: Annoy, irritate, vex

  8. Impugn: Hold responsible, charge, censure, accuse

  9. Mulch

  10. Tenacity: Stubbornness, resolve, firmness, persistence, insistence, determination

  11. Sobriety: Temperance, moderation, abstemiousness, soberness

  12. Degrade: Shame, disgrace, mortify, humiliate

  13. Hidebound-narrow-minded, conservative, prejudiced

  14. Waif: Stray, sole, thing

  15. Hamper: Basket, hinder

  16. Retrograde: Nostalgic, retrospective, traditional and conservative

  17. Despondent: Hopeless, low, dejected

  18. Debacle: Disaster, tragedy, catastrophe

  19. Nebulous: Vague, hazy, unformulated, tenuous

  20. Inconsistent: Conflicting, contradictory, unreliable, incompatible, inhoherent

  21. Paradox: Inconsistency, irony, absurdity