Placement Papers: Recruitment Pattern of FCG

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Logical reasoning (5 figures are given u have to select odd one) ________10questions.

Analogies (They have simply copied 10 exercises from Barron՚s GRE) . So go through it. don՚t leave a single Analogy question from the book, because this is the toughest section and decide entry for next

round. ________10questions.

sentence completion (Barron՚s GRE) . It has same importance as part 2 has. So prepare well. ________10questions.

General mathematics________very easy. ₹ Aggarwal type.

Jumbled Senteces were given u have to make correct one. Very easy u can do in 5 mins. HINT: Go to right answer through options. u will automatically get the answer.

Group Discussion

Second Round is Group Discussion


  • Is Co-education good.
  • Is remixing good for music.

Third Round is Technical + HR Interview. They Foucs on C and C ++ only.

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