FXLabs Numerical Aptitude Questions Infosys Paper 28 May 2006 Hyderabad

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Infosys Question paper: 28 May 2006, HYDERABAD

  1. In cycle race held in circular ground, there are ⅕ ahead of arun and ⅚ after him. Find the total number of cyclists.

  2. Reema and Mona went to shopping, they had spent half of the money plus Rs. 2 in butcher shop, then they had gone to xxx spent half of the remaining + Rs. 5. Then they went to bakery and spent half of the remaining amount. Finally Rs. 5 was left with them. How many rupees did they carry. Ans: 64

  3. A person started two watches, he observed that after one hour, one watch gains 1 min/hr and the second watch loses 2 min/hr. After how much time will the two watches have a difference of one hour. Ans: 20 hrs

  4. In a match Sachin scores 78 runs more than azhar, dravid's score exceeds azhars score by 76 runs. Total of azhar's and robins runs is 94. Robin exceeds jadeja s score by 26 and dravid exceeds robins score by 26 runs. Calculate the total score. Ans: 338

  5. A large cube is painted red on its outer surface and cut into 27 cubes by 6 straight cuts.

    1. No of cubes whose 3 sides r painted

    2. No of cubes whose 2 sides r painted

    3. No of cubes whose 1 sides r painted

    4. No of cubes whose 0 sides r painted

    ans: a − 8, b − 12, c − 6 d − 1

  6. On a holiday a, b, c, d, e plan to have a picnic, they had a running race. c beats d. a&e overtake b. e is not the last. d overtakes e. Who won the race. Ans: c (not sure)

  7. Solve these

    1. 46636, 3125, 256, 27, -, 1 Ans: 4 = 22

    2. 3, 10, 7, 8, -, 12, 9, 16 ans: 11 (may be)

  8. A motorcyclist says “I drove with the sped of ten miles/hr while going. While returning traffic was less so I drove the same didstance with 15miles/hr.” what is his average speed. Ans: 12miles/hr.

  9. There are 2 systems And B. 14 degrees in A equal to 36 in B. 133 in A equivalent to 87. At what temperature both shoe equal readings. Ans: 52.5 (A = 7/3B − 70.)

  10. 5 persons A, B, C, D, E go for a meeting B and C are talking in English, when D joined they used Spanish which was the only common language. A and E can speak only Italian. And some conditions. One person can speak 5 languages, another 4 languages, one 3, one 2 and one can only speak one language. 4 QUESTIONS BASED ON THIS.

NAGARRO 9th February Delhi


  1. sinx + sin2x = 1, then cos2x + xos4x =?

    1. 1

    2. 3

    3. 0

    4. none

  2. cos 30d/sin 10d + cos 59d/sin 31d =?

    1. 1

    2. 2

    3. 3

    4. 4

  3. x pow (a + b). x pow (b + c). x pow (c + a)/(x pow (a). x pow (b). x pow (c) ) pow (2) =?

    1. 0

    2. 1

    3. 8

    4. 5

  4. length of minute hand is

  5. 4 cm, area covered by this in 10 min is?

    1. 50.97

    2. 57.23

    3. 55.45

    4. 59.14

    some related to profit and loss and reasoning-: Only Puzzles.

Programming Section 1.30 Hrs 4 Question

  1. Seat Planing Write a function for seat allocate and seat reserved. Seat allocate array and seat reserver array. Seat allocate array is of 10 * 20 and each row and column represent A1, A2____; B1, B2… …… J1, J2… And so on i.e.row are A to J whereas col starts from 0 to 19. Each cell in the table represent either 0 or 1.0 rep seat available, 1 repr seat reserved. Seat allocation starts from highest to lowest. And row j is highest, i is second highest and so on. Max 20 seats can be booked at a time. If seat is available print the seat no like “B2” i.e. (2 row, 3 col) and seat is booked. “otherwise Print” Seat is not available."

  2. A string of charater is given. Find the highest occurance of a character and display that character. Eg. INPUT: AEGBCNAVNEETGUPTAEDAGPE, OUTPUT: E or I, J (if equal occurence)

  3. Remove all the blank spaces between character. Matrix is of 10 * 10. Eg: INPUT | N | A | V | T | G | U | P | T | A || OUTPUT: | N | A | V | T || | G | U | P || | T | A ||

  4. write a function to give demostrate the functionality of 3d in 1d. Function prototye: Change (int value, int indexX, int indexY, int indexZ, int [] 1dArray); value = what is the date; indexX = x-asix indexY = y-axis indexZ = z-axis and 1dArray = in which and where the value is stored.

Nihilent Paper Pattern on 31st July 2006 at Pune


On 31st july i have appered for the selection process of nihilent technology (pune) in c-dac campus.

Selection process consist of three stages.

  1. Written test → gre pattern paper. There four section. Sentence completion. Antonyms comprension, logical reasoning, numerical ability, very easy. There 100 ques. Which we have to solve in 60 mins. 60 + should be the cut off. Go through the barrons that is enough.

  2. Technical is quite tough. They asked questions from the project what i have done. c. c + +, java. Oracle, os.

  3. Hr is just a formal.

850 student appered for the written. 300 selected for the tehnical and finally 178 are seleted for the job. I am one of them.

Key is confidence.

And your knowledge.