Placement Papers: FXLabs Placement Paper Technical

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  1. Why CLASS concept came. As even we have STRUCTURES, what's their specialty?

  2. What do u mean by INHERITANCE? What r its types?

  3. What's ur academic project? What's ur role in that?

  4. How can u initialize a function which has declared in 2 classes, where those 2 classes were inherited already?

  5. Questions on pointers?

  6. What's the application of FOURIER TRANSFORMS?

  7. Diff between FDMA, TDMA?

  8. why does CDMA came. What's the drawback of FDMA?

  9. how can u sample a non-frequency singnal?

  10. What do u mean by Quantization?

  11. Explain about PCM?

  12. Question on POINTER ARITHMETIC's____ for example, Say for example one integer pointer (p) is there, what happens if u increment it by one (i.e., P + + ).