FXLabs Group Dicussion

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Features of Group Discussion

  1. Group Discussion, as the name itself indicates, is a group activity carried out by participating individuals. It is an exchange of ideas among the individuals of a group on a specific topic.

  2. It is used as reliable, testing device-mainly as a tool to assess all the candidates in a group at one go-in order to select the best in comparative perspective.

  3. Group Discussion is an informal discussion in which participants of the same educational standard discuss a topic of current interest.

  4. It is also known as leaderless discussion. It means its aim is to find out the natural leadership level of the candidates. Strictly speaking, no one from the group or outside will be officially designated as leader or president or chairman or anything of the sort. Even the examiner or supervisor who launches the discussion will retire to the background. No one will participate or intervene in the deliberations of the group.