Interview Preparation Tips (Part 9 of 20)

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Sample B-Thank you for on-site interview

Jobduniya. Com

Basement, Delhi

01 − 02 − 2007



IT Dept.

Dear Ms. XYZ

Thank you for the opportunity to visit with you and see your facilities last Friday. Both the interview and the tour made for an exciting and complete day.

I was particularly impressed with your warehousing procedures. Mr. Allen was so thorough in explaining your process to me, and I will be corresponding directly with him to express my appreciation. Incidentally, the process you use is quite similar to one I have been researching through an independent study this term. Perhaps I can share my final report with you and Mr. XYZ.

The expense report you requested is enclosed.

Again, thank you for your hospitality during my visit and for all your efforts to arrange my visit. Having seen your operation, I am all the more enthused about the career opportunity that ABC Lt. Offers. I look forward to your decision.