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The highest Score in an innings was 3/11 of the total and the next highest was 3/11of the reminder. If the scores differed by 9, find the total score.

  1. 151

  2. 161

  3. 121 a

  4. 101

  5. 137 Ans: c A boy was asked to multiply a certain number by 53. He multiplied it by 35 and got his answer less than the correct one by 1206. Find the number to be multiplied.

    1. 37

    2. 67 a

    3. 87

    4. 97

    5. 107

    Ans: 67

    A Problem like this not exactly the same but on same model. If the manufacturer gains 10 %, the wholesale dealer 15 % and the retailer 25 % then the cost of Production of a table, if the retail price is Rs. 1265

    1. 632.50

    2. 800

    3. 814

    4. 834.24

    Ans: b

    A trader marks his goods up by 50% and declares two successive discounts of 20% each. What is his overall gain?

    1. 10% gain

    2. 4% gain

    3. 4% loss (A)

    4. 10% loss

    5. No loss No gain

Age problems-3, find mothers age, fathers age etc.

Statistics Problems (probability) as A-this much, B-This Much, A n B-this much and A u B-?

Angle Problems which deals with triangle-3 problems.

Section III-Logical reasoning-30 qns in 30 mins.

Tower of Hanoi Problem-

problem on fig. Find the shaded area, square of size 14cm

problem on symmetric fig; ans less than the 1172 (check)

Blood Relation Problems-3

Find odd man out of the given series-3 problems