Fidelity Technical Questions: Technical Questions Part II

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  1. EDI useful in Ans. Electronic Transmission

  2. MRPII different from MRP Ans. Modular version of man redundant initials

  3. Hard disk time for R/W head to move to correct sector Ans. Latency Time

  4. The percentage of times a page number bound in associate register is called Ans. Bit ratio

  5. Expand MODEM Ans. Modulator and Demodulator

  6. RDBMS file system can be defined as Ans. Interrelated

  7. Super Key is Ans. Primary key and Attribute

  8. Windows 95 supports

    1. Multiuser

    2. n tasks

    3. Both

    4. None

    Answer: a

  9. In the command scanf, h is used for Ans. Short int

  10. A process is defined as Ans. Program in execution

  11. A thread is Ans. Detachable unit of executable code

  12. What is the advantage of Win NT over Win 95 Ans. Robust and secure

  13. How is memory management done in Win95 Ans. Through paging and segmentation

  14. What is meant by polymorphism Ans. Redfinition of a base class method in a derived class

  15. What is the essential feature of inheritance Ans. All properties of existing class are derived

  16. What does the protocol FTP do Ans. Transfer a file b/w stations with user authentification

  17. In the transport layer, TCP is what type of protocol Ans. Connection oriented

  18. Why is a gateway used Ans. To connect incompatible networks

  19. How is linked list implemented Ans. By referential structures

  20. What method is used in Win95 in multitasking Ans. Non preemptive check

  21. What is a semaphore Ans. A method synchronization of multiple processes

  22. What is the precedence order from high to low, of the symbols () + +/Ans (). + +,/

  23. Preorder of A * (B + C)/D-G Ans. * + ABC/-DG

  24. What is the efficiency of merge sort Ans. O (n log n)

  25. In which layer are routers used Ans. In network layer

  26. Which of the following sorting algorithem has average sorting behavior--Bubble sort, merge sort, heap sort, exchange sort Ans. Heap sort

  27. In binary search tree which traversal is used for getting ascending order values--Inorder, post order, preorder Ans. Inorder

  28. What are device drivers used for Ans. To provide software for enabling the hardware Technical Questions

  29. What is fork command in unix Ans. System call used to create process

  30. What is make command in unix Ans. Used forcreation of more than one file

  31. In unix profile contains Ans. Start up program

  32. In unix ‘ls’ stores contents in

Ans. Inode block