Fidelity Java Questions: TCS Recruitment Conducted on 29th Aug 2004

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Discretion abt written Selection Process

Written Test

Prepare from previous papers. It's of the same pattern. Prepare wordlist from Barrons. There was no psychometric test. We had only 1 and a half hr to complete the paper. For quants, we had to write the answers and were not of multiple choices. Logical questions were bit tough. Main problem is the time shortage to complete it fully.


There were around 8 − 10 panels for tech intrw held at TCS, Karapakkam, Chennai. Environment was excellent.

People from TCS were very soft and had a cheerful face.

In my panel, two persons of age around 35 40 yrs interviewed me. Tech intrw was held for around 55 min. Slightly drilling but easy. After clearing tech, I attended HR where one young man interviewed me. It went for half an hour exactly. Most of them were only personal questn and some tech Qs. On my time slot, 5 ppl attended in that same panel and only 2 cud get thro.

For another friend, the tech held for just 10min. They asked 2 gen. Qs like where he is from (Ambattur) and how he reached that office. Then 2 tech, Shannons theory? Ans: I don't know and Diff betn up85 & 86. He told correctly. He got selected.

So, it depends on ur luck to get a good panel.

Technical Interview

Introduce ur self.

First person started.

He asked my mark sheets from which Qs were poured from various subj I would studied in my BE (ECE) syllabus

Favourite subj.


How abt mp?

Draw the architecture of 8085? Explain each block? Interrupts and its types? Flags?

Write a program to multiply 2 nos? Diff betn MOV & MVI? Diff betn 85 & 86And some more? Latest mp used?

Next person started. Whats inside a CPU of PC? Inside processor? Whats a MODEM? working?

If 2 PCs connected to a server using 2 MODEMs, what is the fn of each modem?

Back from first person meanwhile the 2nd person was going through my marksheets and certificates.

Lets move 2 ur fav subj Digital-Draw the diag of OR and NOR? OR internal ckt diag?

I managed to draw a diag which is logically correct (with 2 transistors? )

Universal gates? Why? Draw OR using NOR gates? What is multiplexed?

Slowly deviated to analog-Describe abt transistor? Types? Types of BJT? Diag for NPN and PNP?

Differentiate where they r used?

Uses of transistor according to mode of opn.

Uses of diode?

How it is used as rectifier?

Zener diode?

What is bias?

What is thyristor?

SCR? Where used?

Diff betn thyristor & transistor?

And some more

Then programming How good u r with programming? I know only C.

Asked me to write a pgm.

I'm not well versed with programming. I know only conceptually.

Why pointers? Answered

Luckly, they skipped the topic.

Then Network Topologies? Bus, ring

What u know in networking?

I know only the basics as this was not choosen as our elective.

Then whats ur elective?

Biomedical. (I think the person was good in that subj.).

I was caught He fired several questions like

How ECG working?

Stethoscope working?

BP? and more

How pressure converted to signal?


Then came to the project Explain ur proj.

I explained clearly with proj report.

Some Qs on project.

I myself added that I did with 3 other students from different states and could manage to complete the project successfully.

Finally general Qs You did a proj in digital design and why do u want to come to software?

Why not hardware?

What guarentee u give that u won't shift to hardware after 2 yrs saying u don't like S/w?

Another person asked what u studied in Engineering economics & mgmt?

R u interested in this subj?

I frankly said it's a bit boring subj. Coz there is nothing to learn and this is the subj where we write stories. They smiled.

If we put u in proj dealing with mgmt, Difft from what u've studied in BE, r u ready to do that?

U said it's a boring subj. & now ready to switch over to that?

First of all, working at TCS itself is a great pleasure and it would be my duty to develop interest in that subject and shine well in that area.

Finally they asked any Qs 2 uS'

Yes sir!

On what electronics related proj r u working currently?

Then I smiled and said then there is a chance for me to get into electronics based s/w projectS'

HR Interview

Introduce urself other than in application.

I told abt my positives and ideologies. While I was saying the 2nd point of my ideology, my throat got chocked coz of fear.

Are u alright? Yes sir. I'm slightly nervous. Its OK.

Whats ur hobbies?

Playing Tennis and chess.

In chess, how its scored?

I said we've checkmate the opponent king.

He poured more Qs on chess.

I said, I used to play chess only with computer just as a time pass and not serious with that.

How many squares r there in a chess board?

1st I said 100 ‘and then said sorry 64’

How abt tennis? How many sets are played in a match? How it is scored?

said 0, 15, 30, 45, game. I made a damn mistake of saying 45 instead of 40.

He again asked to check and I was still stubborn with my ans.

What is game point? match pt? Deuce?

Who is ur fav. Tennis player? Why?

But, Pete Sampras everytime defeats Agassi?

Whats ESPIRIT (Dept. Assocn)?

What u've done?

Arranged VLSI conference.

Whats VLSI?

More than 1 million transistors per chip.

Explain sth abt VLSI.

No. Of zeros in a million? 6

No. Of zeros in a lakh?

Got struck (due to tension) and started counting from units digit in mind. Then said 5. I frankly told him, I need to count by fingers

He laughed.

Whats ur fav. Subj? Digital

Describe OR & NOR gate in a sentence form

What is the IC no. For AND gate?

which co. Produces such chips?

Where do u see urself after 3 yrs?

Whats ur ambition?

Why TCS (He really got stunned with my knowledge abt TCS)?

What way u can provide a s/w that is useful to the community as well as TCS?

I gave some ideas like cognition tech for blind ppl and web-based applns.

Why s/w?

Stressed the importance of software with egs.

What efforts u made to get into Software?

Any thing u did for the community welfare?

I gave a finishing touch. As of now, I cud help only physically. I think, if I'm being selected and once if I join TCS, I can help ppl even monitorily.

Finally, Any Qs to me?

Yes sir!

Whats the training period? 45 days

Whether I can avail transportation facilities from TCS? yes

Whether u do any electronics related proj @ Chennai? No. Its done at Hyd only.

Thanked him and smiled my way back home with great confidence.