Fidelity Java Questions: Texas Instruments 2005

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Date: 8/9/2005

Personal Interview

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Some Tips

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Something about uIt should about your family, childhood, schooling, B. E. Future

Tell your Strength & Weakness

U should clearly explain your projects if they asked.

Area of interest

Have u attended any interviews before? If yes, then why haven't you get selected?

If u are not selected in my company then how do u feel?

Why are u choose this field?

What is your future plan?

If they tell “ask some questions regarding the company” u should ask questions about the company

see the website of the particular company before attend the interview

why should we select u?

Here is some tips that will help u to prepare for hr interviews. Discuss it with friends, “sorry” in case of any mistakes in this.

Prepare in advance--at least 2 days before, so that u would be more fluent and confident in interview.

When the interviewer asks “Tell about u r self”

start with “WITH PLEASURE SIR” -it is just to say “Thank u 4 giving me an oppourtunity to tell about my self”

. Start with a difference

usually students start with My name is____, My father's name is…

Don't do the same, Start some thing different like

“People call me as ____”

“My parents named me as ____”

“____is my name”

  1. Parents and family After telling u r name, tell u r parents name only. A better approach would be “I'm PROUD TO BE THE SON OF MR____AND MRS……”

  2. Don't organize as conventional essay u can swap the facts just to give the impression that u r spontaneous and had not prepared for this! For example, After ur and ur parents details. u need not tell about u r school edu, but u can start to tell about strengths. Later u can tell about u r school edu (this is just to give an illusion that ur spontaneous)

  3. Prepare a speech for atleast 10 min. Some times they expect even more…

  4. Tell atleast 5 strengths and justify

Don't use single line statements like

“I'm a confident person”

“I'm a hard worker”

Rather justify it.

For example if r a hardworker u can tell like this…

sir, i firmly belive in the power of hardworking. According to me the formula for success is hardwork only. In the past if i had succeded in any thing it is only because of my hardworking only____Because of my hard working only……………………

Because of my hard working only____

Because of my hard working only I had cleared the aptitude test conducted by u and in front of u.

List ur acheivements and tell hardwork as the key for it____

Simillarly, What ever u say justify it. Tell hoew u implemented it. How it helped u. What u acheived from it. How it will be usefull for the company.

Some of the strengths are____

Hard working

Positive attitude


Ability to learn from mistakes

Passion to learn new things

Helping tendency

time conciousness

Good memory

Extrovert person

Team worker

Leadership quality ____

Don't forget to justify, no single line sentences!

Give practical examples____

Don't tell the weakness unless they ask

Don't tell more than one weakness.

If u tell any weakness, Don't forget to tell how u rectified it or how u r working to overcome it.

Don't be toooo honest in telling u r weakness.