Placement Papers: GE Aptitude Paper

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  1. The time taken by boat to row upstream 2km and downstream 6km is same. Calculate the speed of boat in still water.

    1. 4kmph

    2. 8kmph

    3. 2kmph

    Ans a

  2. A, B, C can finish a piece of work in 12 days. A alone can finish the same work in 20 days. B alone can finish the same work in 18 days. In how days C alone can complete the same work (numbers are not accurate but question is of this type).

  3. The fungus in a vessel doubles for every 5minutes. At 3.00 P. M the fungus in the vessel is 120. At what time the fungus rate is 960. Ans 3.15 P. M

  4. The size of the room is 120 × 80 and the size of each tile is 2.4 × 1.8. Find minimum number of tiles required to cover the floor (number are not accurate)

  5. A triangle inscribed in a circle is given and asked to find out the angle (A bit tough question among all the questions).

  6. AB and CD are two chords of a circle. AB = 2 * CD. The perpendicular distance of chords AB and CD from the center of the circle are a, b respectively. Express AB in terms of a, b.

  7. A pipe can fill tank in 3 hrs. A hole a bottom of tank can empty the tank in 6 hrs. After ½ hr the hole at the bottom of tank is opened. Find the time taken to fill the tank completely (Numbers are not accurate. Problem of this model is given).

  8. Problem on figures is given. Some sequence of figures (around 5) are given and asked to find the next figure that comes in sequence.