Placement Papers: GeoDesic Paper on 25th July 2008

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Geodesic came to Thadomal Shahani Engineering College, Mumbai on 25th July 2008.

Total students appeared were 200 of which 40 cleared the aptitude and out of which 14 people were selected. This company requires totally book knowledge and if possible use Mundu messenger (their product).

For Aptitude rather Technical aptitude Just know your C best. Duration is 1 Hr. 15 min.

There are 3 sections in Aptitude:

  1. Coding (Multiple Choice) 15 Questions 15 Marks

  2. Algorithmic Thinking 2 Questions 15 Marks (No multiple Choice)

  3. Numerical Thinking 6 Questions 15 Marks

Sections Explained

  1. Coding It is Multiple Choice section containing 15 questions for 1 mark each. Most of the Questions were from Linked List, Malloc, realloc, and what will be the o/p kind and Find the error. There is No Negative marking. Non-IT can also solve the questions Just read Balagurusamy for C.

  2. Algorithmic Thinking There were 2 questions. One for 10 marks and other for 5 marks.

  3. You r given 100 names in sorted manner. U have to search for name n and display its number from [100].

    1. Sequential/Linear search method will not yield any marks. [10M] (I just wrote the name of method as Indexed Search and for the method I got 3 marks. But everybody wrote about Binary Search)

    2. There are 2 frogs at d end of aflight of 10 stairs. They can come up by jumping either 1 step or 2 or 3 steps. So they can come up by (3, 3, 3, 1) or (2, 3, 1, 3, 1). In this way write C function for in general n stairs (not just 10) and find in how many ways they can come up. Also (3, 3, 3, 1) is different from (1, 3, 3, 3) (Try programs like this).

    3. Numerical

    It Contains 6 questions all easy.

    Based on Knapsack Method for 9 marks.

  4. Find the last digit of 31857 [1M] Ans: 31856 * 3 = 31857 and for 1856 last digit is 1 and it is multiplied by 3. So last digit is 3 (If u find 34, 38, 312, u will find that for a number divisible by 4 last digit is 1 and 1856 is divisible by 4.).

  5. there are 3 lines of infinite extents are give. How many largest regions can be formed using these 3 lines. [2m] Ans: 7 (Make a cross using 2 and 3rd from anywhere intersecting other 2 at different points)

  6. there are 9 pearls given of which 1 is heavier. Using weight scale find the odd one in at most 2 scalings. [3M]

Ans: Divide 9 into 3 groups of 3 pearls each. Weigh any two first. If any one is heavier then take that group of 3 and out of which weigh 2 pearls. If they r equal 3rd one is heavier or if one is heavier then it is heavier.

For sections 2 and 3 they just need the procedure even if answer is not correct they consider the steps.

For non IT people { Like me}, Algorithm section they check for Logic if you don't know the technical terms and syntax for C programs.

Technical Round is The Toughest Round for any student be it IT or non-IT.

They come with people of all the backgrounds like EXTC people and IT people for different students.

They had our Aptitude Question paper while interviewing.

Technical Interview

My technical interview lasted for 50 min.

  • you won't believe I said “I don't Know for more than 15 times with just 4 answers”
  • As, I am from EXTC, He asked me all about EXTC.
  • He gave me Designing problem of 8051 { Very Tough}
  • You r given 2KB of 8 bit chips. And u want to connect 4KB of 16 bit memory. How will you do it.
  • Then he asked me how will u rate yourself in C.
  • Asked about local and global parameters.
  • Asked me to make main function recursive and print my name twice.
  • Asked me difference between FET and MOSFET.
  • Asked me diff bet CE and CC
  • Asked me to write recursive function without passing parameters.
  • Asked me what is Sensitivity. Give me exact definition.
  • (It was like the Stress Interview)
  • Also he asked Electronics questions to IT people also.
  • Then Comes HR (You have to appear for both interviews)
  • Asked me how was Aptitude. Which section u liked most.
  • Which was Toughest.
  • How many times u were Interviewed (in any company)
  • They why were u rejected.
  • What do u know about Geodesic.
  • Asked me How many aptitudes u cleared and How will u rate our aptitude from others.
  • Do u have any questions to ask about Geodesic?
  • (I answered no but he replied NO! astonished So prepare to ask some question about Geodesic. OR ask about their messenger or other Products)
  • That's All. Procedure lasted till 9: 30 pm
  • (HA they also re interview some students if they feel like)