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Founded in 1998, Induslogic is a leading software development services provider headquartered in the Northern Virginia area with a development center in New Delhi, India. In contrast to many companies in the same sector, Induslogic is the first US company with a wholly owned subsidiary in India. The company was founded to address growing enterprise software businesses'needs to reduce the time and expense required to develop and maintain software solutions. The primary differentiators of Induslogic are-an exclusive focus on commercial grade enterprise software, an unmatched quality of engineers (almost exclusively recruiting Indian Institute of Technology graduates), the use of industry standard tools and methodology, and a complete guarantee on work.

Set One

  1. What is the output of the following code when compiled and run? Select two correct answers. Public class Question01 { public static void main (String[] args) { int y = 0;//line 1 int x = z = 1;//line 2 System. Out. Println (y + “” + x + “” + z);//line 3 } }

    1. Prints 0, 1, 1

    2. Error during compilation at line 1

    3. Prints 0, 0, 1

    4. Error during compilation at line 3

    5. Error during compilation at line 2

  2. Select three correct statements. The garbage collection thread cannot outlive the last user thread. The garbage collection can be forced by invoking System. Gc () The garbage collection thread is a non-deamon thread. The finalize () method is invoked at most once by the JVM for any given object. The finalize () method may resurrect the object upon which it has been invoked.

  3. What is the output of the following code when compiled and run? Select one correct answer. Import java. Io. *; public class Question05 { public static void main (String[] args) { Question05Sub myref = new Question05Sub (); try { myref. Test (); }catch (IOException ioe) { } } void test () throws IOException { System. Out. Println ( “In Question05” ); throw new IOException (); } } class Question05Sub extends Question05 { void test () throws IOException { System. Out. Println ( “In Question05Sub” ); }}

    1. Prints: In Question05Sub

    2. Prints: In Question05

    3. Prints: In Question05 In Question05Sub

    4. Prints: In Question05Sub In Question05

    5. The code does not compile.

  4. Select two correct statements about the code given below? class A { } class B extends A implements E { }//line 1 class C extends A { } class D extends B { } interface E { } public class Question07 { public static void main (String[] args) { A a = new D ();//line 2 C c = new C ();//line 3 E e = (E) a;//line 4 B b = (B) e;//line 5 } } The code compiles without error and runs fine. Compilation error on line 1 because interface E is not yet declared (forward-referencing). Compilation error on line 4 because class A does not implement interface E. The cast on line 4 is mandatory. The cast on line 5 is not mandatory.

  5. How many objects are eligible for garbage collection immediately after line 1? Select one correct answer. Public class Question08 { public static void main (String[] args) { Question08 q08 = new Question08 (); doSomething ();//line 1 Thread. Sleep (20000); } public void doSomething () { Object[] objArray = new Object[2]; for (int i = 0); i objArray[i] = new Object (); } }

  6. What is the output of the following code when compiled and run? Select one correct answer. Public class Question09 { public static void main (String[] args) { try { int i = (int) (Math. Random () * 10); if (i ⇐ 5) System. Out. Println ( “i =” + i); else throw new Exception ( “i > 5” ); } catch (Exception e) { System. Err. Println (e. GetMessage () + “(i =” + i + “)” ); } } } The output cannot be determined. Compilation error. An exception is thrown at runtime. Output is i = 2 Output is i > 5 (i = 6)

  7. What is the output of the following code when compiled and run? Select one correct answer. Public class Question10 { public static void main (String[] args) { new Question10 (). DoSomething (); } public void doSomething () { int i = 5; Thread t = new Thread (new Runnable () { public void run () { for (int j = 0; j ⇐ i; j + + ) { System. Out. Print ( “” + j); } } }); t. Start (); } } Prints 0 1 2 3 4 Compilation error. No output. IllegalThreadStateException is thrown at runtime. Prints 0 1 2 3 4 5

  8. What is the output of the following code when compiled and run? Select one correct answer. Public class Question11 { public static void main (String[] args) { StringBuffer buf1 = new StringBuffer ( “Hello W” ); addSomeStuff (buf1); System. Out. Println (buf1. ToString () ); } public static void addSomeStuff (StringBuffer buf) { StringBuffer b = buf. Replace (6, 10, “orld” ); System. Out. Println (b. Delete (0, 1). ToString () ); } }

    1. Prints Hello World Hello World

    2. Prints Hello orld Hello orld

    3. Prints Hello orld ello orld

    4. Prints ello orld ello orld

    5. Compilation error.

  9. What is the output of the following code when compiled and run? Select two correct answers (Note: When an instance of a Vector is printed, its content appear between square brackets []). import java. Util. *; public class { public static void main (String[] args) { Vector col = new Vector (); col. Add (new Integer (1) ); col. Add (new Integer ( “2” ) ); col. Add (new Float (3.2d) );//line 1 col. Add (col. ElementAt (1) ); col. SetElementAt (col. ElementAt (2), 0); System. Out. Println (col); } } Compilation error on line 1. Only line 1 won't compile. The code compiles and runs fine. Prints [3.2, 2, 3.2, 2] Prints [1, 2, 3.2, 2]

  10. Select three correct statements. A static method may override another static method. A static method cannot override a non-static method. A non-static method cannot override a static method. A non-static method may be overloaded by a static method. A synchronized method cannot be overridden.

Set Two

I m going share some q. Which I remember?

  1. . In following option which takes less memory space:

    1. struct { char a; float b; int c; }

    2. union {float a; int b; }

    3. char a[10]

    4. int * p = { 2, 3, 4, 8}; ans. b (wat I choose)

  2. . What is the correct sequence of compiler ans. Source prog. >preprocessor program>compiler (lexical>suntactic analyzer (or parser) >semantic analyzer>code genration) >linker/loader

  3. . Which is not balanced tree

  4. . Wat is complexity of quick sort

  5. . How many filp flopes is used in 10 bit ring counter. Mathematical section is easy but technical portin is little bit tough.

Tech. Interview

My interview was held at 8. 30 of night. There were two person in interview panel. It was approx 45 min. Along.

They asked me that wat? s my favourite subject.

As my area of interest is programming, I told him programming in c-language, concepts of data structure and concepts of oops, I convincingly said that sir I m vry comfort with programming. They asked me algo. Of merge sort. Really friend this was the topic which I left because I find it little bit crucial but I made algo which resemble program by my own logic.

I said them that sir I m unable to write standard algo. But I implement the merge sort concept by my own logic, I convenced my whole algo and they impressed by it.

Further they asked abt. Avl tree and their rotation, they give a problem relate to rotation of avl tree and said to peform appropriate rotation to get height balance tree.

Further they asked about binary search and give me array to apply binary search. f

Frther asked that wat scanf function return.

I really forget that I said them sir I forget. They asked is it true, I said yes sir scanf function return something but I m not recalling, in addiotion I said about print function and their return value.

At last they asked a puzzle and I successfully solved it the puzzle is: there is three basket, one hold apple, other hold orange and third one hold apple orange both. We don? t know in which basket wat is, basket are wrongly labeled means wat is label of basket, basket doesn? t fall in that situation. We are allowed to pick only one fruit from each basket and judge that wat fruit basket hold.

really friends this was vry interactive session. Inetialy I was nervous but later I respond vry freely. Sometimes I felt that this was not technical interview, this is technical discussion to that person, they are vry friendly. At last they asked u have any question. I asked:

  1. Sir, there is any need to learn and to know abt the company before joining company they said: We have three month training prog. So u think u have any need to learn I said: No sir

  2. wat is my professional growth in ur company.

  3. in which field I have to improve.