Placement Papers: GlobalLogic HR Interview

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this was tahen by hr mam and it was abt 15 min. Long. She asked me abt my educational background, family background, my strength and weakness, careee objective.

further she asked: Honestly said if u r not this field thn in field u might.

I replied: I were a traveler

she asked: Why?

I replied: I want to travel whole world, I want to understand the people, their thinking, their behaviour, their culture.

she asked: If u r not selected then wat u will do?

I gave a little smile and replied: No problem mam, I work out on my weakness and try to remove them.

she asked: Upto u who is a deservable candidate for my company.

I asked: Mam included me or except me.

she said: Except u.

I picke name of my batch mate who was also appearing in the interview.

she asked: Why?

I explained lots of skils of them. It is so niece for me that he is also selected.

Little bit question on my exta curricular activities and hobby.

so friend prepare abt ur technical knowledge, they were seeking only a technical and logical brain person while they were less emphasizing on communication.

At 11: 30 of night result was declared and I was among the selected candidate____