Placement Papers: GlobalLogic Latest Placement Paper 2008

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Examrace Placement Series prepares you for the toughest placement exams to top companies.

The selection procedure consists of the the three rounds

1 Written test

2 Technical interview

3 HR interview

The written is very tough. It consists of 60 question & we have to solve it in 50 minutes. It consist of 15 technical questions, 10 aptitude questions, 10 analytical reasoning & the rest are general questions. No negative marking, no sectional cut-off. Well for the written, R S Agarwal is more then enough. So solve this book with honesty.

Technical Interview:

It was the one hour experience & asked every concept of C, C + +, Data structure, DBMS, C# (written in cv). Some questions r like

1 how many types of pointers r there?

2 what is far pointer?

3 some good questions related to strings in C

4 what is polymorphism

5 what is concrete class?

6 what is exception handling?

7 wht is virtual functions?

8 what is the diff. Between binary tree & AVL binary tree?

There r lots of technical question:

HR Interview

All that general questions as it was the formality & the decison of selection is made on the basis of technical interview. They search for techically strong guy.

My dear frnds I was being rejected frm 5 companies then I got selected in GLOBALLOGIC. So every failure is a step towards success & never never never give up. Cheers 4 the selection.