Placement Papers: Godrej Paper on 19th Dec

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Hi Friends.

The questions and answers of some questions which r given below are 100% perfect.

There r 10 questions and time is 1 hrs.

The cut off is 6 or 7.


  • When u stored result in particular box then previous value is lost.

  • m + n = r or m * n = r i.e.m, n, or r are any boxes that is addition and multiplication of any two boxes stored in any 3 boxes.

  • m-n = m or m/n = m.

  • when u divide then remember only quotient and forget remainder.

  • 3 − 1 = 2 means

  • One example on Glass G = P + L P is the total no. Of glass packets, L is the spare glasses. If u sold seperate glasses then cost prize is Rs. 6/-and if u sold glasses in dozens then u get Rs. 2/-suit per glass. u have to put total price in 3 rd box and discount in 2nd box with all operations. They given that G in Box-1 & 6 in Box-2 and 2 in Box-3

  • 69, 70 or 71 in box-1; 18, 19, or 20 in box-2; 27, 28, or 29 in box-3 get-3, 4, or-5 in box-2 in 3 steps. Use all operations i.e. ( +, *,/), OR same numbers in box1 and box2 but in box3 61, 62, or 63 and u have to get same numbers in box2.

  • Another example is AB in box1, AC in box2, BC in box3 then

get 2C (B + A) -B (C − 3A) in box1 in 4 steps or 2A (B + C) + AC-2C (A-B) in 3 steps

Use Addtion or subtraction Only.

This is very simple. Simplify it and proceed and use addition of same box in 2nd step and continue…

1, 0 or 2 − A A (A − 1), (A + 1),

get A (A − 1) (A − 1) A in box-2 and in 3 steps, Use all operations