Placement Papers: Honeywell Paper on 20th Apr at Kolkata

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Hi I am Subhrojit Chowdhury from GNIT Kolkata Recently I have been placed in Honeywell Automation India Limited. I would like to share my experience with you guys.

Selection Process

1 > Written Test.

2 > Technical Interview.

3 > H R Interview.

Written Test

It consisted of 2 parts General Maths, General English________Almost 1500 students appeared for the test and 43 students cleared the aptitude test. After that we had our technical round 21 cleared the round. At last 14 of us cleared the H R round.

Written Test (30 questions)

  1. ₹ Agarwal Will do The job. Simple percentage, profit and loss, work and wages etc General English (15 questions)
  2. Consult GRE Barrons.

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