Placement Papers: Honeywell Pattern Apr 2005

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this is the pattern i have. i didn, t attend for honewell so don, t expect any more than this plz do check this and don, t send any queries to this id no use.

Their pattern is

OS: 10 Questions

C: 10 Questions

C ++ : 10 Questions

Java: 10 Questions

OS is compulsory and you can choose any one of these three language. I had

chosen C ++ .

Here is few question I still remember. Please do not go on my answers they

may be incorrect also.

C ++ Questions

  1. If there is one class template which has one static member variable that static variable will belong to
    1. Every instance of class template will share the same copy of static variable
    2. Every instance of class template will have its own copy of static variable.
    3. Compilation error
    4. Don, t remember.
  2. What is template specialization?
  3. How we will overload operator ⚹+ = such that obj1 ⚹+ = obj2; implies that obj1 = obj1 ⚹ (obj1 + obj2)
  4. IN C ++ what does the operator overloading means.
    1. Giving new meaning to existing C ++ operators
    2. defining functionality of existing C ++ operator for user define objects.
    3. defining new operators.
    4. don, t remember.
  5. what is, ≫ in C ++
    1. right shift operator and insertion operator depend upon the use
    2. right shift operator and extraction operator depend upon the context use
    3. right shift operator and insertion/extraction operator depend upon the use
  6. class A {int a, b; A () : a (0) {b = 0;} } ; if you create obj of this class as A obj
    1. b will be initialized before a
    2. a will be initialized before b
    3. both will be initialized together
    4. none of these.

OS Question

All OS questions were based on basics of UNIX all small-2 commands.

  1. how image of one process can be replaced by other process
  2. how image of one process can be copied to new born process
  3. how can you list all the files used by a particular process
  4. how do u create a link of file

C Questions

I did not attempted the C paper but still I just had a look on C and java

paper. In C most of the question were programs and their out was asked in LINUX environment.

int main () {char ⚹ a = “Novell” char ⚹ b; b = malloc (10 ⚹ sizeof (char) ) ; memset (b, 0,10) ; while (⚹ b ++ =⚹ a ++) ; printf ( “% s” b) ; return 0;}

int main () {printf ( “Hello” ) ; fork () ; printf ( “World” ) ;}

text have No negative marking and 3 sections-technical 35 questions in 30 mins-DCT, data structures, interrupts in 8085 etc. Aptitude-30 questions in 30 mins, C − 20 questions in 15 mins-was quite easy some questions (not sectionwise)

key constraints are ________for …

If a sinusoidal signal of 1100Hz is flat top sampled at a rate of 1800Hz, & this signal is passed through an ideal LPF with cutoff 1KHZ, the o/p contains the following frequency components: (This question was repeated again in the same paper!)

TRAP is ________interrupt

When the instruction RST is executed, the control jumps to location:

Worst case algorithm is meant for the case

A semaphore with negative count n (s = n) has how many processes in the Q?

If in a PCM system the no of bits used is increased from n to n + 1, the signal-to-noise ratio improves by

2 trains of length 110m & 90 m travelling at 45kmph & 50 kmph respectively. When will they pass each other?

From a circular sheet of radius 10cm, 40 % is cut off & from the remaining portion a cone is constructed, what is the ratio of the radius of the cone to its height?

If a vessel contains 56 litres of a mixture of milk & water in the ratio 3: 2. What amount of water should be added to make the ratio 4: 5?

2 pipes fill a cistern in 12 mins, pipe A is 3 times faster than pipe b … If only pipe B has to fill the cistern, how long will it take?

#define ADD (X, Y) X + Y main () {#undef ADD (X, Y) ; fun () ;} fun () {int y = ADD (3,2) ; printf ( “% d” y) ;} o/p?

Runtime error (linker error) : _add undefined in module

Which of the following is illegal

#define int INTEGER/ ⚹ line1 ⚹ /#define INTEGER int/ ⚹ line 2 ⚹ /main () {INTEGER p = 10; / ⚹ line 5 ⚹ /printf ( “% d” p) ;} o/p?

main () {int counter = 1; for (;) {counter ++ ; if (counter > 9) break;} }

in the above program

main () {char str = {, H, E, L, L, O, ⧵0,} printf ( “% s/n” str + 1) ;}


The average temperature for monday, wednesday, thursday was 46 o C. The average temperature fortuesday, wednesday, thursday, friday was 48 (some no) . If temp on monday was 42 o C, what is the temperature on tuesday?

The average marks of 12 students was found to be________ (some no) … It was later found that while entering the data, it had been entered as 74 instead of 50 … And 20 instead of 24 (nos are not the same) … What is the correct average?

If a lady bought a house & sold it at 25 % more than what she had paid after 3 years, she has to pay 50 % tax on the gain … If C is the cost price (gain = s. P-c. p) , what tax did she have to pay?

Some no of men (given) . Complete a work in (given) no of days … After (some no) of days. Some more (given no) men join them, they will finish the work in how many days?

If a car travels from A to B at a speed of, x, kmph & travels back from B to A at th the speed, then the total distance travelled in terms of percentage of x is?

A question on malloc

int ⚹ p.

p = malloc (sizeof (int) ⚹ 5) .

if malloc returned the address 1000; the value of p + 1 is

cascade amplifier is:

A network has 7 nodes & 5 independent loops, the no of branches = ?

Many nodes transmit at the same time ________collision occurs … Retransmit … What is this called?

If the characteristic impedance of a transmission line is 50ohms, at 1 end the impedance is + j50 ohms, the VSWR = ?

Minimum no of NAND gates required to realize the boolean eqn: Z = ABC?

It has been found that mercury poisoning due to industrial pollution causes Hobson, s disease. An island R is completely away from modern industry. People here follow subsistence agriculture method. A high % of people in Island R are affected by Hobsons disease. From the above paragraph, we can deduce

fun () {int counter = 1; counter ++ ; if (counter > 10) fun () ;} … (some program similar to this one) . The program will be executed infinetely--ans

Union. {int ivalue; char lvalue; struct boo {int ivalue; char lvalue;} databook;} .

How many stacks are there in DOS?

What is the o/p? main () {char arr [5] = {, a, a, b, c, d, e,} ; printf ( “% s” arr) ;}

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