Placement Papers: Honeywell Pattern Interview 24 Jun 2006 Hyderabad

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Hi Friends.

My experience at Honey Well on /2006

Eligiblity: 70 % in B. Tech

Location: Hyderabad (CBIT)

Mode: Off-Campus

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Round1: Written test consists of, 50 questions from all subjects + 30 questions from C + . 20 questions from aptitude (mainly concentrate on percentage problems) .

Duration: 1hr 40min

There is a separate paper for CS and Electronics students, but C and Aptitude questions are same for all branches.

No. Of students appeared for written test: 1100 (approx)

No. Of students shortlisted for the second round are 150 students.

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Round 2: Technical Round-1

  1. First they asked about my project (Be Prepare with it) ?
  2. Tell some thing about urself?
  3. Write code for reversing the SLL (single linked list) ?
  4. Explain ToH (Towers of honie) problem?
  5. He asked some basic questions on pointers?
  6. How can find missed value, if u want to store 100 values in a 99 size array? U have to insert the elements randomly? And one important thing is u have to find in. The value in the single pass (hint: Use the Sum of numbers formulae n (n + 1) ? /2)
  7. And some other which I not remembered?

Round 3: Technical Round-2

For some students they interviewed for 45min, but for some just they took 15min only

  1. He asked me some typical query to write in SQL and also to write java program for that?
  2. ab + ba = 100? Solve for, a, and, b,

sol: (first solution) 199 + 991 = 100

(second solution) 62 + 26 = 100

No. Of students got offer: 06 (approx)

Round 4: HR Round

This is just for formality

This company take the students who are sound in techinal. They least bother about the remaing thing like________

Suggestion: Don, t be in a hurry to learn too many questions. First learn the concepts then after look good number of problems on that topics.

(Paper Submitted By: V. Raghavender, Hyderabad)

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