Placement Papers: Hughes Paper

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  1. 2 × 4 analytical GRE type qns
  2. 2 − 3 Reasoning qns (GRE type)
  3. Probability of getting a sum of 7 when two dices are thrown together
  4. Rest quantitative questions

Technical: 50 Qns, 45 Minutes

  1. 3 qns on operating systems. I qn on dijkestra algorithm
  2. Using which pin it՚s possible to address 16 bit addresses even though there are only 8 address bits in 8085? Ans: ALE
  3. Voltage gain for an amplifier is 100 while it is operating at 10 volts. What is the O/P voltage wen i/p is 1 volt
  4. Quality factor indicates
  5. Qns related to bridges, routers and generators, which OSI layer they corresspond to (Refer to stevens 4th chapter) .
  6. OPAmp՚s I/P ciurrent, O/p current and CMRR is given, what is the voltage gain
  7. 2 − 3 qns on scope of static variables in C
  8. Qn to print a value of a pointer
  9. resistance increases with temperature in
  10. A qn to find the physical address from a given virtual address, virtual to physical address table was provided
  11. 16 bit mantissa and 8 bit exponent can present what maximum value?
  12. 4 bit window size in sliding window protocol, how many acknowledements can be held?
  13. Security functionality is provided by which layer of OSI
  14. Frequency spectrums for AM, FM and PM (figure given, veto tell which Kind of modulation it belongs to)
  15. Among AM and FM which is better and why?
  16. LASt stage of TTL NAND gate is called: Ans: Totem Pole Amplifier
  17. SR to JK flip flop conversion.
  18. LSB of a shift register is connected to its MSB, what is formed: Ans: RING Counter
  19. 2 − 3 Qns based on Demorgan՚s laws
  20. 2 qns on Logic gates (O/p of logic gates)
  21. Diff in IRET and RET statements of 8086
  22. How many address bytes are required to address an array of memory chips (4 ⚹ 6) , each chip having 4 memory bits and 8k registers.
  23. Diff. In memory mapped and I/P O/P mapped Input/Output (Refer a book on Microprocessor)
  24. Qn on pipeline architecture
  25. QN on LAPB protocol

Iam really sorry for responding so late. I wanted to sit with your work but I could not (because of some problems) I remember very little about the Dharma test pattern. There was an Apptitude test. Quantitative and Analytical. The Quantitative is very easy. You should prepare from GRE or any CAT Material.

The Analytical part is mostly from Barrons Guide. I remember two questions. They are from Barron՚s guide. It is something about a village called “kaya-kaya” where half the people speak truth and half lies. There was one more about set of houses of itallian, germans, romman etc in a row whose chimmney colours were given, their favoritr drinks were given. I hope you will find these questions in Barron՚s guide. I did not get a Barron՚s guide to search them for you. The interview was mostly about C, C ++ . They are mostly working on C ++ . That will help if you know. They are working on their own SQL. You should brush up your fundas in DBMS. In interview there are questions in UNIX Internals also. Hope this info is of some use to you. Good Luck. Keep me informed on the proceedings of the campus.

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