Placement Papers: Hughes Software System Paper 2

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Question CSMA/Cd protocol used in

Ans: Ethernet

Question Checksum in IP packet is

Ans: Sum of the bits and 9՚s complement of sum

Question Inselective repeat Max Seq is given find windowsize

Ans: (15 + 1) /2 = 8

Question Main memory cache direct mapping

Ans: 64

Question Address lines and data lines for 4K × 16

Ans: Addr 12, Data 16

Question Infix to postsize commession uses

Ans: Operator stack

Question Printing ofstatic variable

Ans: 11

Question One Question on Scheduling Preemptive

Question Which of the following is not memory model

Question Hight balancing AVC time

Ans: 3

Question Simplification in boolean Algebra

Ans: Xz

Question The feature C ++ have and c donot have

Ans: Variables can be declared inside also.

Question Number of nodes with degree two in a binary tree of n leaves

Ans: n − 1

Question Difference between synchronous and asynchronous transmission

Question Floating point representation

Ans: 2՚s complement

Question Using which pin it՚s possible to address 16 bit addresses even though there are only 8 address bits in 8085?

Ans: ALE

Question Voltage gain for an amplifier is 100 while it is operating at 10 volts. What is the O/P voltage wen i/p is 1 volt

Question Quality factor indicates

Question Qns related to bridges, routers and generators, which OSI layer they correspond to:

Question OPAmp՚s I/P ciurrent, O/p current and CMRR is given, what is the voltage gain

Question resistance increases with temperature in

Question 16 bit mantissa and 8 bit exponent can present what maximum value?

Question 4 bit window size in sliding window protocol, how many acknowledgements can be held?

Question Security functionality is provided by which layer of OSI

Question Among AM and FM which is better and why?

Question LASt stage of TTL NAND gate is called:

Ans: Totem Pole Amplifier

Question SR to JK flip flop conversion.

Ans: S = JQ′ R = KQ

Question LSB of a shift register is connected to its MSB, what is formed:

Ans: RING Counter

Question 2 − 3 Qns based on Demorgan՚s laws (identiies: (A + b) ′ = A′b′ etc)

Question 2 qns on Logic gates (O/p of logic gates)

Question Diff in IRET and RET statements of 8086

Question How many address bytes are required to address an array of memory chips (4 ⚹ 6) , each chip having 4 memory bits and 8k registers.

Question Diff. In memory mapped and I/P O/P mapped Input/Output (Refer a book on Microprocessor)

Question Qn on pipeline architecture

Question Quesyionn on LAPB protocol

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