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  1. for (i = 1; i ā‡ 3; i ++) {printf ( ā€œ% dā€ i) ; continue; i ++ ;} Ans: 1,2, 3
  2. if (a = 0) printf ( ā€œa is 0ā€ ) ; else printf ( ā€œa is not 0ā€ )
  3. which are distructive testing
  4. wat is the size of new generation ip x addreass (IP x 6)
  5. wat is the initial IP address (IP x 4)
  6. Que is implemented by array and linked list
  7. more imp. In SQL IN or EXISTS both depended on the requirement.
  8. In sql wat is not true ans: c (index are not unique)
  9. banker algorithm is used for deadlock avoidance
  10. which is not s/w testing technique Ans: Syntax testing
  11. 7 virtual table, 7 virtual pointers
  12. size of āš¹ p, p, char āš¹ p
  13. quicksort Ans: Divide and conquer
  14. IP address________. 25, ā€¦ 240 (subnet)
  15. layer which divide frame into segment (networking)
  16. data declaration statements r checked in which pass off assembler Ans: Pass1, pass2
  17. which of the declaration statements r correct
    1. extern int i = 0
    2. extern int i
    3. inti = 10

    Ans: (order of options may vary)

  18. which of the following is not characteristic of testing
    1. observability
    2. operability
    3. simplicity
    4. understandability (according to me all r characteristics of testability)
  19. dynamic cost
  20. command to come out of shell Ans: Ctrl Z
  21. union Ans: Static
  22. command-size of file Ans: Ls-l
  23. user
  24. stmt by 2 Ans: Interpreter
  25. denormalize Ans: To merge the tables
  26. which of the following is not true for bitfields Ans: All of the above
  27. love
  28. chinese: Asian Ans: Italian: European
  29. shoes
  30. how many lines in octagon for similar triangles Ans: 4
  31. afigure of pentagon with 2 dots n how many moves required is asked Ans: 2moves
  32. age 16years
  33. aaaa Ans: Emae
  34. replace the first letter of every word so tht new words r formed Ans: Royal L
  35. lawyer: Court Ans: Sailor
  36. coding the word

Ans: Just reverse the word

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