Placement Papers: Intec Paper on 12th Nov at Bangalore 2007

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Here are some questions. Of intec test

  1. what is malloc and calloc function. Explain difference between them?

  2. what is difference betwn const int * p and int * const p something like that?

  3. wap to dynamically allocate memory using malloc function?

  4. wap to resize the allocated memory done with help of malloc and design the case for exceptional handling?

  5. wap to reverse string without using second variable?

  6. write a trim function to trim the white spaces at beginning and end of string?

  7. wap to multiply 2 number without using mulitiplication operator?

  8. some question were objective where we have to findthe output of a particular function. And there were question regarding operator overloading, friend function, constructor etc.

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