Placement Papers: KPIT Paper on 16th Jun

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Hello friends, The Campus is On 16th , june 2007 of KPIT Cummins in College of Engineering Pandharpur, Pandharpur. Seates nearly 100 students. Shortlisted from test 15 and finally selected 7.

To select in KPIT is very easy

selection procedure is

  1. Qunantitave Test
  2. GD (Optional: Not taken in our college)
  3. TI + PI There is 35 marks test in 30 minutes There is-ve marking of 0.25 for 1 wrong ans. No section cut of. There are 2 sections. Time Management is Very Imp. Sections of Test are

Quantitave + Analytical: 20 Marks

Some questions of analytical are very tough and time consuming so I am telling to all friends that do English section First with currect then u can surely crack this test. Book: ā‚¹ Agrawal. Questions are on

  1. Percentage, āš¹ Efficiency of engine āš¹
  2. pipes
  3. Basic Mathematical Concepts
  4. work done
  5. velocity & time
  6. Ratio & Proportions A: B = B: c Like this but time cunsuming, do perfect one.

English: 15 Marks

  1. It is very very easy all questions are on phrase replacemet. Read carefully then u get a ans. Do this section first and then go to the analytical its very very imp.
  2. GD: It is there if large no. Of students are shortlisteded. In our college GD is not taken.
  3. TECH + HR: Be Cofident and give ans of each qn՚s

They asks situation questions. Some technical like pointers, database query, os basic, ds, c ++ &C Basic concepts


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