Placement Papers: Microsoft GSC Test on 15th2005 at Mumbai

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There were four sections. All were separate. The time alloted as well as the question papers also were separate for each section.

Section I: English language test-25 Qstns. 20Mints.

It contained usual & easy english language qustns. Like prepositions, articles, antonyms-synonyms etc.

There were two paragraphs. One was about types of networks & another was about CGI scripting. There were some easy qstns. Asking info. From the para.

Section II: Mental ability-25 Qstns. 30 Mints.

It contained qstns. Related to union & intersection like there r N no. Of students in a class, S no. Of them passed in 3 subjects, T no. Of them passed in 2 subjects & U no. Of them passes in all subjects, what no. Of students failed in all subjects. Another type of qstns. Were related to cubes, like there is a cube, one side of it is painted with blue

color, the opposite side is painted with yellow color, now it is cut into 16 cubes of equal size, now how many cubes r having blue color at one side & no color at its adjucent side, how many cubes r having no color

at any side etc.

Then there were qstns. Like if + means-, ⚹ means/, means ⚹ , /means + , then which of the following is true; there were four options. Each having some calculation like 12 + 8 − 3 ⚹ = 13. We have to select the option having the correct calculation.

Most of the questions were similar to the above mentioned patterns.

Section III: Aptitude test-20 Qstns. 20 Mins.

This section contained qstns. Exactly like those asked in the Bank PO, Railways & UPSC exams. Its different

from usual apti. Qstns.

Eg. which two of the following are same: 11225689: 11225986: 11225689.

Then Data sufficiency qstns. Like statement 1 is sufficient to get the answer, both 1 & 2 needed, neither 1 nor 2 can give the answer etc. Then Condition checking qstns. Like there is a recruitment of clerk. Some conditions r given like the candidate should be graduate with 60 % , his age should be less then 30 years, typing speed should be atleast 45 wpm. Etc.

Based on this we have to answer a perticular candidate will be selected or not given his details. Then Some simple & usual riddles like Ram goes to 5 km east, then 5 km south, then west, now in which direction he is. Then a man pointing to a photo says he is the son of my grandmothers՚son like that.

Section IV: Programming-C & DFS OR VB-40 Qstns.

30 Mins.

U can choose either C & DFS paper or VB paper. I chose C & DFS. This was the toughest part bcoz qstns. Were lengthy & time was very short. Both C & DFS qstns. Were almost equal. Most of the C qstns. Were asking about the output of the given code. The DFS qstns. Were about link list, array, queue & also the graph theory. This section demands a thorough preparation of C & DFS

& Graph theory.