Placement Papers: Microsoft Paper on 24th May at Mumbai

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Hi to One & all who r reading this. I m Kirti. K. Badkundri

For all who r trying for Microsoft or any other company, My one suggestion is that be perfect in basics. If u r perfect in basics u can crack any interview. So don՚t loss u r hopes if u have not got recruited still.


Ok coming to the Microsoft Test which I attended. I attended on 24th May 2008. It was in Thakur Polytechnic College. In Mumbai.

It had

  1. Written test
  2. Group Discussion
  3. Followed by Multiple Technical Rounds.

Written Test

Written test was for 2 hours.

I remember only few question

  1. Aptitude
  2. C
  3. C ++
  4. Datastructure
  5. os
  6. Algorithms
  7. RDBMS
  8. dot Net


I don՚t remember questions, as I had written test a month before. How much I remember I m writing here.

  1. There was question on Analytical Reasoning, which had 5 questions
  2. They gave a square like this. And told to find total number of squares. Ans is 55 = Sq (5) + Sq (4) + Sq (3) + Sq (2) + Sq (1)
  3. Some Questions on Probability.
  4. C paper was some what easy. Many Question were on pointers, Strings.
  5. In C ++ questions were on Inheritance. Some ops
  6. In Data Structure they asked to write o/p of very big programs. Which was time consuming.
  7. In RDBMS, some questions were on normal forms. And all Basics
  8. In Os one question was on LRU Algorithms. Many Basic questions were asked. But it was some what difficult.
  9. dot Net Questions they asked was all basics

I think around 450 − 500 students appeared for test, and only 50 students were short listed for GD round.

Package was 8.9 Lacks Only. So Work hard, Be perfect in Basics

All the Best to one & every one.