Placement Papers: Microsoft Pattern 10 Apr 2005 Hyderabad

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This is Kranthi and I attended Microsoft GTSC test this sunday. Pattern is as follows

There are 3 sections

  1. Analitical 25 questions (30 minutes)
  2. Reasoning 25 questions (25 minutes)
  3. Verbal 20 questions (20 minutes)

Analytical Reasoning

  1. In a class 25 play cricket 15 play fut ball and soo on they may ask u how many play both or some questions based on that (it is some what tough than wht we think there may be 5 to 6 questions based on one problem)
  2. problem on cubes division of them into some equal parts and placing them one by one and and painting them with some color like that questions (even here there are many quiestions based on this problem)
  3. some simple questions which may not link to others (some wht easy to attempt)

Logical Reasoning

  1. data suficiency problems i.e.. he gives some thing to us and ask whether we can get answer by considering only first statement or only second statement or both or none.
  2. comparing similarity he gives you 3 figures (numbers) we have to see whether they are similar or not this is the easiest part of the exam

Verbal Reasoning

  1. similar meanings
  2. antonyms
  3. passages (some what tough)
  4. synonyms

this is the pattern or even questions which were givenin the Microsoft GTSC it does not contains any technical part here we have similar questions in new dimention which are some what teasing than others.

hope this information is enough for those who are willing to attempt this