Placement Papers: Microsoft Pattern Dec 2005

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I hav attended for the same and gone thru till interview but didnt make there good enough but i will guide u with my experience.

Steps r.

  1. Written test of one hour which include cat type of aptitude question which can be handled easely and in same section u will be asked even some puzels like make 4 lines in 3 by 3 dots by covering all the dots. Something of these sort will be asked. These r some wat hard in this section. Next part is c-lang which is the most important. For me they asked tricky pointers questions and some questions based on short circuit evaluation etc. If u can make well here then ur thru witten test. There will be individual cutoff in both the section. Roughly abt 30 % will be selected. So becarefull here.
  2. Group Discussion This is second elimination round. Roughly around 2 − 3 ppl will be selected among grp of 10. Good communication skills r very necessary. For me topic is: IMPACT OF INTERNET ON SOCIETY.
  3. Personal Interview.

If u r here then u shul not expect tat u will be selected. They will be asking abt projects tat u hav done. I didnt do any project as i am just abt to

enter 4th year of my b-tech. So here i lost the process. Go prepared with any project even if u hav not done.

Generaly microsoft ppl will be taking abt 30 students for intenship during a year. They will be conducting recruitment process for 4 times a year n i

think urs is last one. So be careful.