Placement Papers: Mindtree Paper 2010

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Hi. My dear friends This is Eajaz ali from Valliammai Engineering College.

I would like to share my experience in the Mindtree campus interview which held in our college. C. Totally 800 attended (off campus for us with SRM and Eshwari) .

70 Selected.

7 From our college

There were totally 3 rounds.

  1. General apptitude.
  2. Group Discussion.
  3. Tech + hr interview.

General Aptitude

The general apptitude consisted of 7 sections

Section 1:

4 flow charts. Each flow chart consisted of 5 questions. So totally 20 questions my dear friends. Here problems were of the type where we have to check from the options given and mark it for the appropriate symbol.

Eg: For a rectangle symbol the options will be 1. A ranges from 2.5 to 3.5. 2. A ranges from 2 to 2.5,3, 4,5. Something like that

Friends these problems are really very easy if u understand the sample flow chart given that is solved.

Section 2:

This is the speed maths section. Here 12 questions were asked that r to be solved in 3 minutes


3 ⚹ = ? Problems of these types?

U can solve this section by seeing the approximate answer Please be ACTIVE and fast

Section 3:

This section consisted of 20 questions that r to be solved in 3 minutes.

Its very very easy if u understand the sample problem given with u solution.



Ram, sita 343,555.

Ravi, sham 122,355.

Eajaz, Mahesh 100.95

Ram, sita

Sham, ravi

Eajaz, mahesh




Section 4:

This section had questions based on symbols. 20 questions 15 min.


If A = 10 paise, then 1 rupee = 10A very simple problems.

Time for the sections 5 βˆ’ 7 is

Section 5:

This section had some 8 questions on general IT ability.


High level to Machine level language is converted using

  1. Compiler
  2. Assembler
  3. Loader
  4. Likker
  5. None of these. Section 6: This section contained a flow chart that was very simple (do this first) . 7 questions. A flow chart wil be given and simple questions will be asked. Section 7: 10 Questions. This section will have some paragraphs. Questions will be asked based on each paragraph. Eg: A passage of lines on some situation like the communication in an e-mail. And few questions based on that (pretty simple) .

Group Disussion

Topics for our batch:

  1. The commercialization of cricket has put down other games.
  2. How can technology improve the villages in India

Topics for other batches are:

India in 2020.

few more.


I was the first person to attend the hr in my panel. So was very lucky. I was not asked even a single technical question. (VERY VERY LUCKY) .

Hr: Hi. I m sunil.

Me: Hello sir. Good afternoon. I m eajaz.

Hr: Take your seat.

Me: Thank you sir.

Hr: Ok eajaz. May I have your resume.

Me: Definitely sir (I had it in my file so gave him along with my file) .

Hr: Hey. I m very much impressed with the way u have arranged ur marks sheets and

Certificates eajaz. Really it s nice. Its so rare to see such things. It is showing

That u r very disciplined. Mind tree needs people like you only eajaz.

Me: Thank you so much sir (a signal of my selection) .

Hr: Hey u have scored so well in your board exams (95 %) . You r having a consistent

Performance its nice man.

Me: Thank u sir.

Hr: Ok. I ll give you a transport project. How long will you take to complete it.

Me: Sir. First I ll discuss with all my team members. Wat is required for the project, wat

To analyze, wat to analyze. how and wat to code, how and wat to test. Then

Depending on the size of the project I can tell you the time sir.

Hr: Good man.

Me: Thank u sir.

Hr: Ok eajaz. If I give u 10 % hike and if cts or infi gives u 25 % hike. Ll u leave


Me: Sir. Mind tree is the first company that has recognized me and I ll be faithful to


Hr: Hey. don՚t speak in sense that I should hire you. Tel me frankly

Me: Sir. Honestky speaking I ll see where there r good and challenging projects and ll

do according to that. Salary is not a factor for me.

Hr: Ok fine eajaz. Tell me two things why should mind tree select you.

Me: First is my eligibility and qualification. Next is that since mind tree is a young and fast

growing company I can be well disciplined in my work skills for mind tree.

Hr: Ok eajaz wat r ur hobbies.

Me: Listen to music. Watching tv. m a craze fan of rahman.

Hr: Ok. I m really impressed with you eajaz. Even if u join mind tree u should your consistent performance as u have in your mark sheets.

Me: Definitely sir.

Hr: Good. I ll send your result to chief hr. You may go now. It was a pleasure having u.

Me: Thank you sir. Its my pleasure too

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