Placement Papers: NIIT Paper Sample Questions

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Hello friends. I would like to share my experience about NIIT technologies paper.

The paper consisted of 2 sections:

1st was picture series and the 2nd section consisted of aptitude, logical and tech questions.

The picture series section consisted of 36 questions and the allotted time was 30 min.

U can practise that questions from ₹ aggarwal. The section was not as much tough.

There was no negative marking in the paper. The figure matching section was exactly the

same as that of L&T core paper. U can also go through L&T core papers.

In the second section there were

10 aptitude ques (speed, time, distance, % age) : They all were easy

10 technical ques (C ++ , DBMS, OS)

also there was one puzzle and 5 ques were asked from that

5 ques were of english

and 5 more ques were there which i don, t remember

After the written test, there was ppt. Then after that the results were announced.

Then they started calling students for TECH-HR interview. 5 panels were taking

the interview. My interview lasted for 15 minutes. The questions they asked from

me were:

1st : Tell me something about urself

2nd : Ur favourite subject other than C and C ++ . I said Data structures. Then he asked

questions from data structures like What is a data structure, types of data structure, about stack and queue.

about binary search trees that whats the difference b/w Binary tree and Binary search tree.

Then he asked about PREorder and POST order taversal. After that he asked questions from

DBMS (what is a trigger, one sql query) .

3rd : Then he asked “WHY I SHOULD HIRE U”

Then he said thats over from my side. DO u want to ask any questions?

Always try to ask some question regarding the company, s clients, future aspects etc.

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