Placement Papers: NIIT Paper on 10th Apr at Kurukshetra University

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Place: Kurukshetra University (Venue)

Date: 10-April 2007

Batch: 2008

Elligible Streams: MCA, M. Tech, B. Tech

Criteria: Throughout 60 % (Not even a single relaxation)

Total Appeared: Near abt 100

Written Cleared: 23 (10 MCA, 3 M. Tech, 10 B. Tech)

Selected Candidate: 11 (4 MCA, 2 M. Tech, 5 B. Tech)

Hi Friends!

This is Harish Verma doing MCA frm KU ( 4th sem) . This was my 5th company and before this i have just cleared the test of L&T company where i was out in GD________and I want to share all my experience with u …

Well, we reached at the venue by the 8: 30 AM, and took seat in the Auditorium and waited there for the company. The company people reached there about 10: 15 AM. Just after coming there the comp. People took the test. Our test started about 11 AM

The test pattern was quite simple as was mentioned in the earlier experience posted by the two persons before me, it contain:

2 Test (30 minutes each)

  1. 30 Minute 36 questions and all were based on figure type questions, like what will be the next image________ as u may have seen in the non-verbal part of our R. S. Aggar. Book they were quite easy and any avg. Student with logical mind can do that part without facing any kind of difficulty …
  2. 30 minutes 36 question conataining 4 − 5 sections like aptitude, english, Technical (Mostly based on c like what will be the output, inoreder traversal of given tree, Normal forms, etc …) , Logical based questions and resonings________

No negative marking was there … I don, t know that what was the actual cut-off but my idea is abt it was 70 % i.e.. , 25 marks atlest in each test, if u secured this marks then u will be at safe position________

After we have given the test they started PPT and it lasted for atlest 1 hour and side by side our test was being checked by other people of that company in other room. PPt was given in a very good manner and i have noted down main points on the page so that i can prepare myself for the question. What do u know abt our company? So, i suggest u to plz lend ur ears for 1 hour to their PPT________

Just after finishing the ppt our result was announced, I got happy when my name was announced and total 23 students cleared the written test … After that they gave us a form to fill it up and stick 1 photo and 1 copy of resume with that.

After that they started the process of interview by the 2: 30 PM … I was the very first student to be interviewed________although that was my ever first interview that I was facing, I was mentally prepare for the interview so I was not in tense as we have practisized a lot for the interview in our hostel. My interview was both HR & Technical as well taken by the single interviewer. 3pannel were there for taking interview in 3 diff. Rooms. Here is the scene of my interview

Harish: Shall I come in sir!

Interviewer: Yes Mr. Harish! Take a seat plz

Harish: Thank u Sir.

Interviewer: Well Harish will u plz tell me smth abt ur self.

Harish: I introduce my self by starting from my MCA, then to graduation, then 10 + 2 and at last 10th class with percentage. After that I told abt my family. And then I told abt my hobbies (u may also add ur strengths as well)

Interviewer: Can u plz tell me who r these Manmohan & Sourabh. (As I have mentioned their names while filling up the form after clearing the test that the person whom I know in the NIIT as they were our seniors.) .

Harish: I told them?

Interviewer: Where they r and what project they have undertaken.

Harish: I told abt them and said that I just talked with them yesterday night

Interviewer: What they told abt the NIIT?

Harish: Sir they told me that it is a very good company for getting started as a fersher and it provides a lot of opportunities to improve urself and they tell me much more abt that just after that I have made my mind set that I will go for this company and that՚s why I m here? ________ (he gave me a smile, as he knew that I was saying all these things just for impressing him)

Interviewer: Have u ever heared smth bad or negative abt our company?

Harish: Sir, as such i didn, t hear any negative abt this company but rumour were there.

Interviewer: What kind of rumours

Harish: Sir, few students were saying that it is a BPO and dealing in single type of s/w i.e.. , teaching s/w. But, I ignored them and i explored abt the company more from the net and frm my seniors also.

Interviewer: What u saw more on the internet?

Harsih: I go through the experiences posted by the persons on yuvajobs. Com, who have already been placed in NIIT. They mentioned the paper pattern and abt their interview also. And i prepared myself according to that. And that, s why i m here before u.

Interviewer: What r ur favourate subjects?

Harish: Sir, C, C ++ and Data Structure.

Interviewer: Ok, What is Data Structure?

Harish: Told

Interviewer: What are the various type of sorting technique?

Harish: Told

Interviewer: Now, should I ask u simple or tough question?

Harish: Sir, whatever u think u may ask abt that.

Interviewer: Ok, can u make a program of In-order/pre-order/post-order (any of these) using recursion?

Harish: Yes Sir. I can do.

Interviewer: Make this program and write also what data structure will be well suited for storing for the data abt telephone directory according to the name and the telephone number. And why?

Harish: I write abt the theory first and then make a program of in-order traversal of tree by making a structure (global declaration) with variable int info, left and right pointer and then in main I call in-order function. Define this function outside the class?

Meanwhile, to check the presence of mind he asked me in between, What is the Date Today? I told, 10th of April.

Interviewer: Tell me abt this program, how it՚ll work?

Harish: Told and explain with the help of a figure.

Interviewer: What are ur subjects in the 4th semester?

Harish: I told, but I could remember my 4 subjects only, but no objection frm interviewer side.

Interviewer: Can u tell me what is Foreign Key?

Harish: I told.

(I didn՚t prepared for the DBMS and ORACLE/SQL, so I was not felling well at that time, I was praying that he should not ask tough question to me.)

Interviewer: What r the types of Normal forms and which is best among them?

Harish: I told abt the types but, I told worng abt the best normal form.

Interviewer: Then he proved by taking an example that u told wrong answer.

Harish: Sir, I am not too much good in DBMS and SQL. I՚ve practice a lot in C, C ++ and data structure.

Interviewer: What is referential integrity and asked an example from his own side and asked me what will happen if I delete some row of first table which is containing the reference of second table rows?

Harish: I could not give the satisfactory answer to him.

Interviewer: Ok, u attended our ppt in the morning. So, can u plz tell me abt whatever I said abt our company

Harish: I told right from beginning from their foundation date to the year 2004, whatever I have remembered including their ISO certification, their clients, what kind of talent they are looking for, when they started the education centers and when they started to deal in software, where r the branches located throughout the world (USA, UK, INDIA, Australlia and etc. And where in INDIA also) , who r the clients of this company and etc.

Interviewer: Ok now u can go and it is over, thank you

After coming outside the room, i feel that if they r not looking for just DBMS and ORACLE then my iterview may be cleared. And finally our result was announced at 5: 15 PM. I got happy when my name was announced at last. Really, that was my ever first achivements in my life.

I found that the NIIT was mainly loking for consistency, Communication, Confidence and ur basic knowledge ________So, be prepare for that, rest is ur luck and meet with us in NIIT

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