Placement Papers: NIIT Paper on 11th Apr

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Good news my frndz that me got selected for NIIT Technologies.

It consist of 3 round

  1. PPT
  2. aptitude test (written)
  3. personal interview (technical + HR) SECTION1 ≫ Pre placement talk SECTION2 ≫ aptitude test
    1. CAI round consist of 36 figs u have to do it with in 30 minutes. There was a fig and for that fig 8 option. U has to choose 1option. There were no negative marks.
    2. Consist of 5 section (verbal, reading comprehension, puzzle, analytical, technical) .

Aptitude test was easy but some question was tough. For technical C, DBMS, OS

In our college appeared 65 students among them 21 was selected for personal interview.

SECTION3 ≫ personal interview

ME: May I come in sir?

NIIT: Yes come in. Sit down plz.

ME: I wish them (there was 2 men in every pannel)

NIIT: They asked me questions frm my mail id (why u give this?) .

ME: Answered.

NIIT: Asked from my hobbies, interests, and from positives.

ME: Asked technical question from N/W, C, Data structures (array, linked list, binary search algo, N/W layers, func of the layers, telnet, ftp, smtp) .

My interview lasted for 35 minutes. Atlast at 6: 30 pm they announced result. Among 21 they took only 8 students. And I was the lucky one.

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