Placement Papers: NIIT Sample Paper Pattern

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Hi friends I have selected in NIIT Technologies. I am pursuing MCA from MRSC Indore. I am describing the overall selection procedure.

Criteria: Throughout 60 % in 10th , 12th , graduation and PG.

package: 2.7 lakhs per annum.

Written Exam:

There was two papers:

  1. Non-verbal reasoning (Matrix type i.e.. , in a matrix of 3X3 eight figure was given and you have to select ninth from given choice) 36 questions in 30 minute. Prepare from R. S. Agrawal
  2. In second paper there was 38 questions in 30 minute. 5 questions from English 10 questions from Technical (C, C ++ , fundamental) 15 questions from Aptitude (profit & loss, percentage, average etc.) 8 questions from Reasoninig There was no negative marking. The questions were not very tough. Total students appeared in written: 120 (approx) Students cleared written: 31

Interview (Technical + HR)

There was three panels. Two of them were taking interview 20 − 30 minute long and third panel was taking interview upto 1 hour long.

My interview was 20 − 25 minute long.

He asked me questions like:

  1. About yourself, family background, acheivements, objective
  2. Your strong subjects (I answered Networking, C, C ++)
  3. He asked me about OSI model, layers, functions, TCP/IP model, layers, protocols
  4. Then he asked questions from database: Normalization, All normal forms with example, convert a table into another normal form, referential integrity.
  5. Array and Pointer
  6. About your project
  7. Two puzzles
  8. Some current affair questions because I had mentioned about Quiz contest in my extra curr. Activity
  9. About the company (NIIT Tech.)
  10. Any questions u want to ask.

They were asking most of the questions from DBMS. A panel was asking questions from all the subjects studied upto your current semester.

Prepare basics very well and be confident.

And finally result was declared and total 14 students were selected from 31 students.

I am one of them. This was my 16th company and finally I got selected by the wishes of my friends, parents and teachers and I want to thank Freshers world because I had read the experience of

previous selected students which helped me very much. And in last I want to thank all my friends who supported me in every condition.

Best of luck for all the reader. See you soon in NIIT.

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