Placement Papers: Persistent Paper Pattern on 4 April 2008

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There APT Paper


  1. Quati Section 15 marks

    1. analytical

    2. quanti

  2. C Section 10 marks

  3. DSA section 10 marks

  4. OS section 5 marks

C Section

1 main () { printf ( “persistant” ); main (); }

ans: Print the persistant till the stack overflow occur

  1. f (0) = 0; f (16) =? int f (int n) { if (n>100) n = n − 10; else something } ans 91

  2. queston on seek () i.e., moving file pointer pointer has to point just before the last character of the file os what is thrashing?

DSA Questions

  1. find number of nodes in complete binary tree of level 5 ans: 63

  2. problem on queue. One queue was given and find the minimum number of insertion and deletion operation to get desired output. There were two programs on c

  3. create doubly linked list

  4. second question was on graph there is one undirectional connected graphand we have to find connected edges in a graph user input the adjecency list/mattrix Hint: First find out the path mattrix by warshalls algorithm then from this mattrix u will get which are the connected nodes which not in mattrix 0 means unconnected 1 for connected

Technical Interview

The most important round in which u ask to write a program

  1. i ahve asked to write a program on finding a position of number in fabonaci series.

  2. finding a liked list whether it is looping linked list or general linked list

  3. to write a program to create linked list.

  4. virtual function of c + +.

  5. calloc and malloc

  6. operator overloding

  7. static variable

  8. how to allocatte dynamic memory.

  9. what is big o nation

  10. all sorting alogorithm and their complexity

Technical Interview

They can ask u tell the differenrt technical area of interst than c, c + +, DSA. If u have so.

  1. Puzzle on cutting cake in 8 same parts using only three cuts.

  2. multithreding, multitasking, multiprocessor system

  3. wrte a program reverse the integer no.

  4. write a program to draw square without using recatangle function in c + +.

  5. FAT, NTFS, windows NT, WINDOWS XP

  6. warshalls alogorithm, dijkstra algoriyhm

  7. query on sql to find the names of the person who is having same name.

  8. linux give the command which tells the process status

  9. softare engg.

  10. software development life cycle.