Placement Papers: PNESTC Paper on 3rd Jun 2008Tab.Amp

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Company Name: Pnestec System Private Limited

4 Rounds

ROUND 1-Written

15 Questions on aptitutde

15 Questions on Vocab

15 Questions Technical (Java, VB. Net, Asp. Net)

Round 2-GD

Round 3-TI

Round 4-PI

Total Candidate Appeared: 650 (Approx)

ShortListed After Written: 104

ShortListed After GD: 65

ShortListed After TI and PI: 24

Written is easy if u have sound knowledge of Java, Asp. Net. Apti Question were very easy. English was bit tough for me but I Covered in Technical Section

Second Round was GD My topic was-What ails Indian sports? Is there any way to improve it. Total there were 10 different topics.

Next was Technical Interview

Sir: Describe yourself

me: Blah blah

Sir: What is your Favourite subject

me: Java

sir: Have u made any project in java

me: Yes sir

sir: Describe them

me: Done

sir: Are u comfortable with vb. Net

me: Yes sir i have made one project in vb. Net n got 1st rank for that project in training

sir: What was your part in project

me: Programming and Team Handling

sir: What was your backend

me: Sql Server

sir: Can you write a simple Query for me

me: i will try sir

sir: Blah blah

me: Explained

sir: Tell me about your IIT Kanpur Project

me: Explained

sir: So can u make project in. Net

me: Yes sir

sir: Ok any queries

me: Can i give my prefer any one Technology

sir: Yes we work on. Net n java so any one u choose

me: Thank you sir

sir: Ok

me: Good day sir

sir: Good day

Due to short time they didn't conducted PI. My interview was over at 12: 30 and result came on 7: 30 Pm and luckily i was one of 24 who were finally selected. They prefer you if you come from CS/IT Background. Just be Confident and prepare 1 Language extremely well and it is better if you know Java or VB. Net or Asp. Net