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have attended POLARIS WALK-IN on 1 feb in bangalore.

pattern was

  1. tech test objective questions 20 min 30 qu. Covering core java, JSP, EJB, SQL

  2. tech interview asked some advanced basics of java, jsp, servlets (can ask EJB, RMI if u say i know)

  3. meet with HR told abt bond (2 yrs) position-Trainee (as told 2 me, i think that depends on performence in interview)

  4. meet with one higher authority

Hi all.

First of all let me thank you all. I made it into Polaris Software Lab Ltd. SEEPZ, Mumbai. This Company being one amongst teh top 8 Indain IT companies, is a well-reputed Co. I got this info thru thsi group. I am very grateful to this colorful group. Yesterday I got the job offer. Whenever i posted a request I d get a fair response from the group.

Id given the All India Polaris Talent Search test on 10th of Aug at Mumbai location, and attended the Personal Inteerview on 6th Sep, and eventually I got the job ofer yesterday. Frankly speaking, I got the info from this group.

Now I am very happy to say that Im one-step ahead in my career ladder.

The Written Test Pattern:

Analogy (35 Q)

Quanatitative (45 Q)

Verbal (40 Q)

In Total, Wed to attend 120 Qs in 90 Min, so wed to race against the time. The English paper was just a bit higher than Spoken English, but was not hi-fi like GRE English. But this could b completed within 15 min. And reg-ve marnking, nothing was mentioned, so wed to refrain from wild guessing. There was no restriction of order of the sections, we cud attend it in any order. And Persaonl Interview was quite cool.

I thank you very much. And my sincere request to the group members, whoever gets a job, dont wind up from the group all of a sudden, serve as far as u can, and remember theyd helped u in the difficult situations.

hi fellows.

the paper pattern was like this____

total of 60 questions which must be completed within an hour____

the first 6 questions were from C (basics of c)

the next set was from microprocessors (8085-around 10 q)

then the major part was from R S Agarwal… Around 35 to 40 questions

logical reasonin and verbal____10 questions

that was wid the writting____ they told us that the cut off was 50%… (i doubt tat very much).

from 2500 students they shortlised around 441 students…

the next round was GD____ (in a panel around 14 students)

from this round they shortlisted 142 students____

the next round was technical hr (it included the round of personl hr also, Maybe due to lack of time)

Atlast 50 students were selected from thelast round____ then we were given our OFFER LETTERS……

Hope the above listing would give u all an idea of the selection process. GOOD LUCK.

I got selected on last saturday in polaris for testing profile. I would like to share my experience with u all as like others so that it may be useful.

There were 2 rounds on the same day-first was technical, second was technical & hr combined.

In first round they checked my basics in Java, C + + & DS like what is a pointer, pure virtual fns, wrapper class, interface etc. This took place around 12: 00PM for around 20 min. They keep on confusing u but its important to stick on to the answer. They filtered many in this round.

After 6 &½ hrs i.e.around or after 6: 30PM, was my 2nd round. Here lies an importance that u dont show any tiredness & frustration on ur face. Even if there r long gaps between the rounds in interviews its important to maintain little freshness & also not to get panicked. Just stay cool. Here they asked me questions on my project, sql server (which i mentioned in my CV) like wot is cursor, creating table syntax, view, advantages of java, whether i would like to work for this profile, abt the company. U can manage the questions which u doesnt know by saying that u dont know or not able to recollect. Overall they checked factors like confidence, accuracy, answering capabilities, little on dress code too. Overall its not a too difficult interview as they didnt go into too much depth. The questions they ask are based on rating u specify like i mentioned 5 − 6 & 6 − 7.

After this round they asked me to wait outside & within 2min i was informed that I got selected. Hope this may be useful for u all.