Placement Papers: Polaris Paper Pattern

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hi fellows.

the paper pattern was like this____

total of 60 questions which must be completed within an hour____

the first 6 questions were from C (basics of c)

the next set was from microprocessors (8085-around 10 q)

then the major part was from R S Agarwal… Around 35 to 40 questions

logical reasonin and verbal____10 questions

that was wid the writting____ they told us that the cut off was 50%… (i doubt tat very much).

from 2500 students they shortlised around 441 students…

the next round was GD____ (in a panel around 14 students)

from this round they shortlisted 142 students____

the next round was technical hr (it included the round of personl hr also, Maybe due to lack of time)

Atlast 50 students were selected from thelast round____ then we were given our OFFER LETTERS……

Hope the above listing would give u all an idea of the selection process. GOOD LUCK.